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Congrats YellowDragon!
Congrats YellowDragon!
Congrats YellowDragon!
our friendly neighborhood dragon got married today, to a beautiful woman he met on a blind date. 

I hope you have a very happy life together!

your friend,
congrats chap!!


*Never question authority*

Any questions?

May ur days get better and better:)

After some fruitless searching of the internet for an english-greek dictionary that actually had "congratulations" listed, I decided to wish it to you in english :D.

May your marriage bear more fruit then my search engine!

Out with those ouzo-bottles, and do the plate-shatter-dance!:D Congrats, Mate!:D
Grats Alex :)
wish you and your wife a happy life together :D
now all you need is a baby ;)
and yeah i want pictures! :p

best wishes and all that mushy stuff (congrats YD) i wish you both the best 

Congratulations, YD.  Wishing you and your lucky lady a long and happy life together.

~esme :)
thank you guys so much:D
from wife: AWWWWW:P thats so sweet
by the way jess;) there already is a baby on the way;)
thank you guys for posting and ill show you guys pictures as soon as humanly possible:)
oh and a HUGE HUG to lusha for posting :)
-YD (the new improved married dragon)

YD became a daddy today, congrates mate :D
hey  my favorite silly dragon, you're gonna be a great daddy! i'm so happy for you, give the wife my love:)
Daddy!!! wooo wow thats great YD:p *bigggg hug*:D
Congrats mate!:D Geiasou to the new member of the Family!:D Wish you all all the best, and be sure to send (at least) a pic!:D
grats to you and your wife alex for the new member of the family!!! :D hope all is well with you all
and yeah...you so have to get us a pic :D

jess :)