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Larkinor down?
Larkinor down?
Larkinor down?
0 players online


At first I thought there was a party last night I wasn't invited to and everyone, every single larkinorean player has a terrible hangover.

Maybe this is the case being, but despite not getting drunk, I have no choice but to join the ranks of those not playing at the moment. Once the login page opens, it's completely black, with no login possibility. 

*Sighs and rolling his eyes, asks himself "Now what?...".

Any ideas, anyone?
P.S. This is not a firewall or a cache-problem. Nor a settings problem. All that has been sorted out(or to be more precise, checked).
Yay, as I writing, 2 players allready logged in. 

Thank you for sorting out what was wrong this time, whoever you are.
<---And without further ado nominates himself for the shortest-lived-ever post posted considering a real problem, from the realising to the solving.:)
usually the problem occurs when either A, no one is on. but being the case as a blank log in screen,B, it could have played part as your connection strength, or C, the server being partially down