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A Poem I wrote for someone Special.
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A Poem I wrote for someone Special.
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A Poem I wrote for someone Special.
Ok well I wrote this poem for someone Whom I feel is very special to me. I used to write poems all the time, but within these past 2 yrs I haven't had any luck in writing any. But this "person" has given me a wonderful feeling that I could some what put into words. So here it is:)

We started out playing pool online, 
A year later I can't help it, 
but I want you to be mine.
I think about you, night and day 
And wish, that soon, you will come my way.
I am longing to see you face to face,
And to touch you in every imaginable place.
I want to feel your lips against mine, 
As our bodies lay intertwined.
Your so many miles away from me,
That I can't wait for the day when 
your here next to me.
This way that I feel is all new, 
I would have never thought that 
I could fall for you.
I thank the pool site called Flyordie,
Cause I truly feel I have met the 
most wonderful guy.


Very nice poem peachysweet but i just wondered who is it for.
i wondered that too, i also realize its none of my bizz, hehe, but it'd be nice to know 
peachysweet your a wonderful writer. ilove the way you put things together. it's beutiful. i feel the same way about some one on fly or die. i hpoe you read this and find out how i feel about you you know who you are.
Thank You all who commented on this Poem that i wrote for my special 
 ;) Curious on who this guy is? You can usually find me playing multiple 8 ball games in room 1 ;)
 You told it from your heart. He's a lucky guy. 
Thank You Sundown, your absolutly correct It all came from the heart. 
   I know that some of you that read this are going to think that I am nuts for caring for someone that I play pool with and have never met. I will say that it is pretty bizaar, I still find it hard to belive that I could care for someone this much, but It's not like i can tell my heart to feel any different. Well im rambling on so ill leave it at this, take care everyone and if you love or care for someone, tell them it can't hurt anyone

"You might regret what you do- but you'll you regret what you don't do SO much more"

I think to know who is this lucky guy

you are not a nut coz you met in a pool website

love is love dont matter how or where you find it

gl Peachy from the bottom of my heart

Theres nothing wrong with falling inlove, With someone you met on the internet.
I am inlove myself with someone I have never met or "Lets Say Have Never Held",But we corraspond with micraphones and web cams.
It happens ever day.People fall inlove on the net!
so your not crazy ,just in love,congratulations,
your poem is very sweet.
AND infact I have been putting together a web site ,
called LOVE ON THE NET,for just this reason,and poems are a part of it.
may I add your poem.   good luck girl,your not alone !
Thank You blueprince, And yes featherwood you can add it to your site.
peachy i think i kno who it is ...... Magikal
am i right

Lmao hahahaha Hmmmm I think maybe everyone knows by now. But yes u r absolutely correct;) He's the mysteryman that has captured my heart.
mystery ... ha:Dha... mystery ha:Dha

(I laugh at the mistery thing not at your love)

peachy that is beautiful!!!!

awwwww wish someone would write me a poem....hint hint cough cough neeeeeeeal!
i met this damm fine chic.k of mine,
when i got talking to her online,
we spoke and we smoked and we spoke some more,
now shes the woman i adore.

yeah not my best work but you got a little something hun ;)

neal...aka.... newkkkkkkkkkkkkiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee

awwwwwww neal i looooooove it!

thank you hon

I know what that means! Pretty good for a blonde, eh? ;)
ur obviously wasting ur talents on here bitter lemon... why dont u write a book of poerty and see if anyone buys it lol
ok people .i own up...it was me she was talking about...
ive changed my mind ...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....
WTF you on about jingle??? was it me u were talking bout writing a book of poems and to see if anyone would buy it? And ur definitely not the guy im talking bout in my poem.
Thank god its not me....ive been saved from a fate worse than death ...yesssssssssssss ...lol
Jingle i think maybe a phsychiatrist might do u well....check one out, k
to be honest fine..readin the crap in here.i think im allready in the loony bin.... pretty sad people in here dont u think?
You're all bonkers... with the exception of me of course :p
heheheh i have seen you playing alot of games with '' magikal '' am i right?  u also go in 2v2 with him alot i was just guessing if i am right tell me . ;)