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Level 91 equipment
Level 91 equipment
Level 91 equipment

I am getting close to leveling....could you please look into the next levels equipment for me?  Thanks

Anyone able to help here?

Yup, I'll post the stuff I can figure out:) I will need a couple of minutes for it, though...

sail helm:
-1 rimmed helm
-20 sails
-100 sawteeth

ruby mocassins:
-1 gold mocassin
-1 emerald mocassin
-1 ruby lace(*)

full centro(lium?) armor
-50 centroliums
-40 debris
-60 noses

 ruby lace:
-200 rubies
-20 sails
-15 sealskins

Centro Wordcaster
-1 centro slingshot
-24 wordcasters
-15 arrogances

Rune scythe
-1 devilscapel
-1 rune bayonet
-1 rune blade(*)

(*) Rune blade:
-45 runes
-10 debris
-16 szabo-blades

wtg on reaching lvl 91!:)
Ouch-ouch-ouch..."szabo-blade" stands for "manicure blade" :$
And ain't I in the groove, flooding powa...:( Centro wordcaster sounds like a very interesting weapon, however I'd suggest you don't worry too much if you'll get a pocketcannon instead...;)
In case anyone happens to need to make the Level 91 shield, the formula on Larkinorguide.com is incorrect.  Here is the correct formula:

Snail Bodyshield
(1) square rainbow shield
(20) snail eye
(16) spatial slice

Thanks, I've changed "snail shell" to "snail eye" on the guide.  The lvl 89 shield is called "square rainbow bodyshield" on the guide, can you confirm that it's real name is "square rainbow shield" before I go correcting that as well?
Okay, so looking again on the guide, there is a 
square rainbow bodyshield
 listed as an ingredient in the lvl 91 
snail bodyshield
, and then a 
square rainbow shield
 which is listed as the ingredient in the lvl 90 
.  That looks right to me, but if they should be reversed, let me know.
Thanks for catching that Zeke...  Here is the correct formula:

Snail Bodyshield
(1) square rainbow bodyshield
(20) snail eye
(16) spatial slice

Thanks for making the updates on larkinorguide!