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Robber's prayer
Robber's prayer
Robber's prayer
Please let this be the 
 trap owner...

A zombieshackle embraces you! (902)
You struggle for a while trying to force its arms open, but you cannot escape...
The neighbors find you. They search your pockets hastily, and throw you out of the flat!

~Jazzmin  :p
lmao esme I thought exactly the same thing when I found out:p

*getting near to that robbing 300:D
Lol, Katie, I've noticed how fast you're coming up that ladder..Well Done! And I hope you will forgive me if I don't hang around and wait for you...

~esme  :p  
Oh I forgive ya esme:p yeah i'm getting some quite good robs now:)
It's fun:D
Hey, HOL. Yep, you are missed. You originally made the suggestion that put Jazz's foot on the first rung..she has never looked back,er.. down! So, as so many are trying to catch up to you, why don't you c'mon back?

~esme :p

Esme, I believe that is the same owner.
902 is the easiest one!
Wait until you see the 3rd one!  ;)

Are you finally back Smurf?
We miss you!