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Almost forgot!
Almost forgot!
About time!

and yes I am admiting it, Ralph is my brother even though I am not furry.
a big happy birthday to you!
Happy Birthday,LD! And may all your 39ths be Great..

~esme :)
Happy birthday, to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear LD!
Happy birthday to you!:D
Yay happy birthday!:p May ur day be real fun:p Hands LD a slice of cake:p

happy bday to the best larki mod :p
a little late but still
Happy Birthday Ld hope you had a good one :D
Happy Birthday! (hopes the present gets there in time... when she realizes that there is no present I can always say that it got lost in the post...)
sorry trouble no more last post for ya 

HAPPY BIRFDAY LD and i hope that you like the present il give ya when i see you in chat