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l have waited more than 7 days for my subscriebation but it wont come so what is going to happen 

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Support@flyordie.com probably your best bet

send an email to them explaining the problem

Oh and probably not the best idea to release your email address publicly :) 
Also, don't forget to check your junk/spam mail folder.  Quite often the subscription reply lands there.

"For U.S. orders, please allow 10-14 days after mailing your check for your check to be received and your order processed. Non U.S. orders should allow 2-4 weeks "

alixxxx.....i would'nt worry about playing on here.....concentrate on your schooling first especially your spelling lol ..... the word is subscription lol
BOB I would take the same advice. Learn not.... to.... do...this....after every word. Oh and by the way, if you want to be grammatically correct its 3 dots...
rise does it really matter if u do 5 dots instead of three.

just for u rise

regards...Mr Immortal
Well technically he's right, it's three dots, also known as ellipsis.


For further reading on the subject B-)
rise....whats a dot between friends.... sry got to dash....lol

this is a topic about d/c not Ellipsis, ur right is is 3 dots but really does it matter about 5 dots, but correctly it is 3...