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Level 90 equipment
Level 90 equipment
Level 90 equipment
Anyone able to look up the equipment for level 90 on the hungarian site?

Congrats Bunzie on reaching 9x:)

Rimmed Helm
-1 portal helm
-dorsal horn helmet
-1 rimmed grate

*Extra item*:
Rimmed grate:
-5 ironrim(or iron brim) some kind of hatted figure drops it
-12 exaggerated discs
-133 ambers

Kentsteel antigrav boots:
-Giantsteel antigrav boots
-20 ironrims( or iron brim)
-120 teleport spells

Emerald Mocasin
-200 emeralds
-10 snail eyes (that sheperd-guy drops them)
-80 phantomhorns

Full Kithrill Armour
-1 full disprosium armour
-8 ironrim(or iron brim)s
-30 base pairs

-1 shot shield(lvl88)
-10 snail eyes (that sheperd-guy drops them)
-12 dorsal horns

Artinian essence
-1 snailshield
-15 ironrim(or iron brim)s
-90 little pillows
The weapons:
|__Striking-Smashing stuff:__|

-8 iron brim
-60 steel bristles
-20 heatballs

Rune mace: 
-6 snail eyes
-12 exaggerated discs
-45 runes
|__Piercing-slicing stuff:__|

lizardsteel harpoon:
-40 diamond rings
-50 holy symbols
-10 demon teeth

Rune bayonet:
-3 iron brims
-45 runes
-40 teleport spells

Kithrill handcannon(or pocketcannon)
-1 kithrill sling
-23 wordcasters
-50 steel bristles
I've added all of these to 
, although numerous corrections are required to perfect the entries (values, protections, damage, build locations, etc).

Thanks for the work Nicram.