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Just for fun.
Just for fun.
Just for fun.
   If you could have any of the Larkinor monsters as a pet which one would it be? My vote is for the Fluffy Tarantula, so fluffy and fun colors to boot!
   As a side question which monster would you least like to meat, Im going to have to go with the dungolem on that one yuck!
No Nuke you can't have a pet tarantula!
Lol  wanna rabbit from another world!!! And maybe I'd have a cute lil alien delagate:D Woooo!
i think id want a floating dozen eyes as a pet,

and a magma elemental would be my least favourtite to meet
Would that be ur favourite MM??

Favourite would have to be the geniously named F.A.Q.
Least favourite - vomit/bloodstain
Yah Mage...so far the Armpitdog makes me laugh the most. A close runner up is the Njukug-Ku ..or however you spell it. 
Hmm....id prolly have a adult flamedragon...rost a couple monsters for me....hulks bit too old to fight alone in battle ...but it's still a dream...:(
:o a post from pat....gees i guess i have to reply now :p

id like to have ne of the alien civis for pets....or just buddies for that matter....and the monster i would least like to meet is the waste disposal unit :|
I wouldn't like to have a golem maker as a pet, be cleaning up after it gives me 200 golems lol:p
i wouldnt like to have a drunken sailor round me lol cause i d hate to clean up after him and i  bet he doesnt smell good either :p...
tho i d love to have a donna brutalia beating up monsters and players for me..lol she does look really scary ;) and equaly hilarious :p...and i just love her name :p

I think the Pukipus are cute, and since I have lost some of my sense of smell it might not be so bad.  Of course I guess I could never have visitors over..........