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where in the world are you
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where in the world are you
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where in the world are you
ive been on fod a while now and noticed ppl from all around the world and id like to know where are you from.ill start 1st

newquay :O

cornwall ;)

englannnnnnnnd :D
Me and my bro barrett 07 both live in hull england
Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England :)
>Me and my bro barrett 07 both live in hull england

Lucky you...that was voted no.1 in the Idler's book of crud towns!

As for me? I live in Ipswich...which as 25th :$:)
Chicago, Illinois, USA

(almost had concrete paws once)

LOL ralphie, you look better without the boots;)

i'm in colorado:) and i love the rockies, never plan on leaving them:D
Romlulus, Michigan

yeah, know it well

Grand Rapids Michigan.  

It's wonderful here.  We have 4 well defined seasons.



Road construction

Oh lord it's snowing again already.

TeT :p
thanks coolcole, lucky ive never had the privelage to go to ipswich
Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England

Up the road from me 

Skegness, Lincolnshire, England B-)
>Skegness, Lincolnshire, England

You got the better deal :|
>It's wonderful here. We have 4 well defined seasons.

waterloo, ontario, canada... where we have 2 well-definied seasons: winter and construction.

I'm from ( Sevilla South Spain ) one of the hottest part in spain
Derby, England, but at the moment I'm at uni in Lincoln.
Sweden,Stockholm. one of the nicest places in the world B-)
I am in Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA and happy to be here! 

It is still SO warm for late September here and we are loving every minute of the warm days and cool nights. :)

Wigan (Lancashire,  England ! :p
Michigan, USA and it sux in this state...cept for detroit.

I'm from Edinburgh, Scotland! :)
Near the Great Lakes northwest Ohio. 
different seasons explains it all...
if you dont like the weather here wait five minutes,
it will change.
Liverpool....UK, wigans just up the road scotty. I go there for my pies :D
Lol Jesus_lncb :p

I'm from Stockholm, Sweden!
Lmao ooOOOoo thats what were famous for :p well other than our superb football and rugby teams :D
newcastle upon tyne northern england ....whyyyyy    iii  mannn sights to see millenium bridge tyne bridge st jameses football ground and the nightlife and all the history going back to 11 century and of course me the 8 wonder of the world ..lol.. any 1 else from the north of england ....jimmy
I'm in a hut among the planet of Tatooine, a short 43,000 light years from your native surroundings, with my pal named Jabba.



its not too bad here

  A little town known as H20ville, or you might call it Waterville, Ohio. It's in the northwest corner of Ohio. Cheery little place, if you know the right people.;)

:) long time since i havent posted anything
hi jimmy, im in boro, and just thought id put ya right lol, your history strarted in roman times.
im from york, yorkshire , england not too far from all my lancashire enemies eh scotty :p
Yea Maybe ill see you in later stages of tourny mate :p 
Madrid - Spain

Living in Miami, Florida, USA.
I'm from Desford, Leicestershire...
...not too bad, not too good