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Player might use program
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Player might use program
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Player might use program
I've not played for a while but decided to log on today. Both of my accounts have been marked "Player might use program" (Blitz and normal time controls).

I do not use computers. I can't see the point.

Does anybody know why my account was marked this way and how I get rid of this?
Well I'm not sure what to think of it, but they claim to have software to see whether someone is using a computer or not. They also say "Player 
 use program". So it's just an indication that they suspect you to use a program. I think that in due time the software will recognize, that you aren't using a program. But it's annoying if you have it next to your name and you are not using a program, I agree.
the same happened to me today.Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
I don t understand.
It s not fun when they call you a liar.I agree.
No more fun to play too!!!
It's not funny if a player use a program ... :(
Player schwindler --- player new points = 0!!!!!
I have only played seven games and just because I have won them I apparently am also flagged as a programme. I do not understand why F or D bother with this as I guess that quite a few people use programmes to hone their skill and as a result will use strategies they have learnt playing against an engine. If this means that you get branded as a programme I think it is unfair. Nobody believes the "might" be a programme, everyone assumes you are cheating! As I also do not use a programme I think it is a bit rich to be slandered in this way when all I want is to have some fun. Scrap this stuff, it borders on racism.
Is there a way to remove this flag? I don't use anything, but because of it I am constantly considered as a cheater. Its quite unfair.
"Nobody believes the "might" be a programme, everyone assumes you are cheating!"

Using a chess program is not cheating on fly or die  it's allowed the red !  just alerts other players you use it so they can make up their own mind if they want to play you or not that's keeping it honest and real.

I do not know how they do it but I have NEVER had this problem. My opinion is that they conducted experiments to see how long it would take people to move if they had programs and made a rough average.

So if you move once every 5 or so seconds they can (in my opinion) safely assume you are using a program. Try making a few really quick moves every once in a while. That's my theory on it.