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as summer is on its way,i wanted to know wat would be ur top 5 tunes for summer mine r 

1.grace kelly ...mika

2.kellis..lil star

3.just jak...stars in ur eyes

4.freemasons...love rain down

5.wifi ft melanie...without u
Gym Class Heroes - cupids chokehold B-)

Girls Aloud vs Sugababes - Walk This Way :p jk
  1. Ocean Colour Scene......Day we caught the train

  2. Chumbawumba........Tub thumpin

  3. Faithless....Imsomnia

  4. Ultra nate....Free

  5. Spiller(sophie ellis bexter)......If this aint love
Here are my picks:

1. Akon: Don't Matter

2. HelloAndGoodbye: Here

3. UB40: Impossible Love

4. Nelly Furtado: Say it Right

5. 30Seconds to Mars: Yesterday

1. Lips of an angel: hinder

2. Straight lines: silverchair

3. Running: evermore

Ye I'm a sucker for mainstream music :p
Don't believe in numbering them, figure out that yourself.

Tool-10,000 Days (Wings, Pt. 2)
Type-O-Negative-I Don't Wanna be me
Nine Inch Nails-The Day the World went away
But The Best Is:The Ramones-What A Wonderful World!!!:D:D

The Warriors B-)
Can't count (and by "can't", I mean "don't want to") to 5.

3 Days Grace- Animal I Have Become

Saliva- Ladies And Gentlemen

My Chemical Romance- Helena

Why Does It Hurt When I Pee- Frank Zappa (Funny song here)

B.Y.O.B- System Of A Down

My tunes to the summer of '07 are:

Britney Spears - Oops, I did it again

S Club 7 - Never had a dream come true

Busted - Year 3000

Vengaboys - Boom Boom Boom Boom!!

Mcfly - All about you


The Meister B-)

Davemeister, are you being serious?? :O:O