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Lost Clicks
Lost Clicks
Lost Clicks
On the weekends, I try to click all my characters down to 23500 to avoid the lost of clicks. Regretfully today I might not be able to do that. Will clicks be reimbursed where they were lost due to system failures? Or is this cover in the rules as a get over it situation.   

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I agree.  I do that pretty much daily and with Larki being down since last night, I know I have a few I will lose clicks on.  

Does the game let you tally more clicks than that? I thought 23500 was max?
Unfortunately there is a get out cloause for FoD which is alkong the lines of if there is a system problem then it is not the fault of FOD, and they dont have to get it back up asap, and also they dont have to reiburse clicks for lost playtime.


Click limit will be raised by 2000/1000 for a week so you won't lose the missing day's clicks.
That is extremely nice.  Not being in that situation myself I can still appreciate not losing clix.  

Thank you for the consideration.