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Come Back Tour....
Come Back Tour....
Come Back Tour....
*Trumpets blair*

Attention Please...

*waits for silence*

I have an announcement:.....I'M BACK!

aww, you were only 14 spots away on the toplist... only 2 lvl's.  you're not the only one who's come back a month or two before i would have passed them... but it'll be good to have you back.  welcome back to larki, and hope you enjoy the upgrades many of us have worked on for sandy's site.  you may not remember me, as i was quite "young" (in larki terms) when you left, but that's besides the point.  it's a great game, and it's good to see so many of the vets coming back these days.

hmm... looking through your most recent posts... seems you already made a "triumphant return" in dec/05.  what happened to that one? :p


ah well, maybe this time you'll stay longer ;)
I have my mute button all warmed up! mwahahahahah
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A Good thing to come back to...

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