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So I have a question
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Dear Moderators
So I have a question
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Dear Moderators
So I have a question
How many demerits or temp bans are given before a person gets a permanent (IP) ban?

Just wondering as it seems to be a loosely working thing that is given a bit too much leniency.
There's a limit of temp bans and demerits? 
Wow never knew that, i thought a permanent ban was just for serious offences :p
I was wondering the same thing I thing 3 or 4 Temp. bans then your banned Perm. if you do anything else wrong, but im not sure about demerits it is to tell you the truth i've never had one.
That's what I was asking for Chris :p

Was wondering if someone manages to get quite a few temp bans and/or demerits at what point would they be perm banned.
I'd guess whenever an offence was bad enough to be punishable by a perm ban.

I've had several temp bans on this name, but it ain't been permed... yet :D
I would think that (a certain number) of demerits resulting in a permanent ban isn't logical. Demerits as a lot of people know, can be obtained from the most miniscule of things which i don't think deserves a permanent ban in the end.

Personally i would think it is the nature of the offence that is repeated needs to be taken into consideration (rather than the number of temp bans) as some MODS may give a harsh temp ban for a demerit offence. 
Continuous cheating (such as obtaining free wins) would be one of the more harsh offences that i beleive could ultimately end up with perm ban :)
>but it ain't been permed... yet 

You're expecting it sometime Blood :p?
Be nice if a Mod could come in a clear this up for all of us instead of us guessing what's what. :p
You are asking  the Mods ,how many times is it ok to break the Rules ?

there is no rule.

If someone is very very naughty, they can be permanently banned for the first offense. Other times, if its a minor thing, they may be banned several times, or demerited.

Certain offenses of course result in an instant permanent ban, but most will not.

was the player UAG_Portuguese already banished once more his some nicks and new someone what he had done play again, but did the man banish he and he was not rude and and he did not insult nobody not even to have disregarded any rule, thinks that he already had not the punishment deserved in having lost a nick subscriber?
Do I find what will have been always to banish a player without him already to do nothing it is an abuse of the power of being a moderator it does not find friend? would he like seeing a moderator to boast of you because of being banished in the room and keeping on banishing his nicks?
Excuse for something and mine thank you..
I wait what me does not go to banish again because it would like playing, since many players called me to return, excuse for something and obliged by the ATTENTION.
Veriac, are you able to appeal over a permanently banned nick? It's just that a lot of my names were removed for reasons unknown to me. I want a few back...

Otherwise you will be on the wrong side of a hissyfit. Decide carefully.
Hmmm threatening a mod......doesn't seem like a prudent choice.

"Otherwise you will be on the wrong side of a hissyfit..."

That sounds like a threat to me...
and your wondering why you've 
lost some names...? 

I would suggest that you 
"decide carefully" on how
you proceed....the ice may
just get thin right under your
accounts....errr... feet


Veriac knows me and he knows I'm joking. Still, seeing as I have been one of your more loyal and fun loving members over the past 5 years, it would be appreciated if my request was taken seriously. 

Respect my authoritaaaayyyyyyyy! (Just watched South Park!)
i guess its hissyfit time then.

It is possible to appeal against any ban or demerit issued. In your case though euan i suspect you may have more luck getting blood from a stone due to your rathered checkered history on the site.

Unfairly received checkered history might I add.

I will appeal when I have time. My exams are coming up so I have very little time to myself. Can you give 
 reasons to why people get banned or are you going by the vague descriptions given by the moderator who made the ban in the first place?
SPeaking of appeals, which address should appeals be sent to? I'm thinking about appealing against one myself... :D
P.S. I want my original name back :(
And me...I'm got banned for getting unbanned :(
>SPeaking of appeals, which address should appeals be sent to? I'm thinking about appealing against one myself...
I have another question.  Can perm bans be requested and if so is the past of the person looked at as a reference on what should be done?
well,, i once was banned but made a new nick and "Veriac" banned me again..i repeated this and soon once i made a new nick i was automatically banned,, i had not even got to log in. but the next day it was gone. can you explain this
>SPeaking of appeals, which address should appeals be sent to? I'm thinking about appealing against one myself... 


>well,, i once was banned but made a new nick and "Veriac" banned me again..i repeated this and soon once i made a new nick i was automatically banned,, i had not even got to log in. but the next day it was gone. can you explain this

If you read the rules then you would know of the term ban evasion. If you have a banned name, then you are completely banned from the game. You cannot use another name to get round your ban and if you do so, you risk it being banned. You continued to break the rules and your name is now permanently banned. It's a pretty simple to understand.
u must not understand anything i said..ur a mental moron u know that..i said..
well...with posts like that one...are you really surprised.

ps. that name is banned now too....
Yay, three whole days before I get a response... thanks Euan:)

I've sent in my appeal, although I won't hold my breath for a positive response:p
Well I don't know about perm bans Blood but from experience a temp ban can definately be withdrawn. Good luck anyway ;)
>Yay, three whole days before I get a response... thanks Euan

Usually if your polite then you will get a response. I would definately not hold your breath though (because you'll suffer from deadness) but it's highly unlikely you will get a name back. I was only joking before so I apologise for putting the idea in people's heads.

Are you a Moderator as the dicussion thread seems to indicate ?

TANX: I'm new as of the past few days.

Are these private#.... users or system generated ?
Their visible entries don't present ranks or points.

I start a new operation to practice handling
the tank, and these private# users keep following me.
As such I keep ejecting - I just want to be left alone for now.

I avoid interfering with what appear to be duals, and I look for 3 or more players with low or no points like myself. As such I resent ( and eject ) when very high score players drop in on beginner games yet they have operations "no privates allowed".

Finally, I'm not very good, and this user "aaronbuddy" (spelling )messages to the other players that I'm "bad" and "xxxzzzz...". Well he is right about the "bad" part anyway.

( Aaronbuddy, if you're reading this just spell-it out
next time instead of trying to cover up. )

Thanks, MARK_IV

If this is not your area can you forward to the appropriate moderator ?

privates are guests in tanks (unregistered players) as for being called names it's safe not to repeat the name you were called first of all, second of all he can't spell it out correctly as FlyorDie has a rather odd at best language filter, third of all get a screen shot of the word he calls you and send it too moderator@flyordie.com...To take a screen shot if you don't already know press the Prt Scr/SysRq key and go into paint and up too edit select past save it as a .jpg and send it too the above e-mail address.
Select paste**

We need an edit button.
Try "practice mode" MARK , to get used to the Tanx.Its in a litle box,where you first log into tanx.

There is also a Mute button,where you can mute the people that use bad language.

fearn,edit your thread BEFORE you post it. 
(preview button.) 

so is there no amount then of temps or demerits, do u just get whatever u deserve if u do something bad, i got a demerit for apparently talking about a competetor site, ive never done that, all i remember is talking to someone about [another game site] and i said its not very good and fod is better, i said id rather play tanx than [another game site], and the billiards is the best of all fod games

[Edited by: RalphTheDog on May 4, 2007 4:10 PM]
why would you get demmed or banned by talking about a competitor site? i mean, well, of course, in a way i could c y. but isnt there some sort of freedom of speech? i know of course, no vulgar language and i do my best 2 stay outta it and i do pretty well so i believe:D but if u talk about [another game site], i mean yeah its not very good, and u were saying FOD was better;\

<<Technically, talking about other games sites violates rule: 3.4 Concealed or unconcealed advertisement.  Also, it's common courtesy to not discuss other sites out of respect for the site you are on.  As for freedom of speech, FoD is a privately owned site, not a democracy, so your freedom of speech is limited to what we allow.>>

[Edited by: RalphTheDog on May 4, 2007 4:06 PM]

Thanks. Actually I tried practice mode, and it was a little too much. Although at this point, I don't think there is much more I can learn on an empty field.
Thanks, that is good advice.

Regarding my other concerns:
I'm mainly worried that if I keep ejecting it will be construed as "jumping operations", but I only do it if I feel I'm getting harassed.

I think there should more personal etiquette regarding duels, and high rank versus low rank players as I indicated in my original Post/Reply to Veriac.

>>>"personal etiquette" 

Not many people know what that is in Tanx.

As with all kind of communities,you get the rotten apples in the basket.

Try asking for some training,next time your in,you never know,some of the good apples might be there.

How do IP bans work.... seen several posts in the past about ppl who have been banned, ppl coming back into the lobby of a game room with a new nick when they say they've just had their last nick perm banned......I'm only asking this because i posted a thread sometime ago about '' when you mute players, could it be possible to mute their IP '' because when u get harrassed by a few fools it would be nice to mute their IP becase they just come back with other nick names and continue, so how do IP bans work.... i remember veriac replying an saying it was impossible to mute IP's......as a subscriber who just like to play a few games like a alot of ppl here would like this as an option if possible.......

some people use IP Hider or IP Changer,so its not possible to mute someone's IP sometimes.
Also people connecting via a 56k modem or through a phone line in general the IP changes everytime they connect...And an edit button would be more than appropriate for a online forum especially considering people find mistakes after they've already posted and to preview the post is annoying as is.
some1 has taken 2 of my names and he wont give them back they r goldy locks well actually that 1 is my sisters and dude rock can u help me
E-mail moderator@flyordie.com with valid proof that they in fact took your nicks, without valid proof (screenshot) I would have to say your out of luck.
If you were stupid enough to give them your password beforehand, then it's your own fault, and nothing can really be done about it.