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Team Splat:  Feedback and ideas
Team Splat:  Feedback and ideas
Team Splat:  Feedback and ideas
So we just finished our third team splat.  I think it went well, however there is ALWAYS room for improvement.  I am starting this thread in hopes that people will share their views and ideas.

First let me say that waiting a bit before the next team splat would be a grand idea.  People are low on clicks and I for one an close to a level, with two levels of unknowns lol.  

So what I'm looking to know from you is what did you like or not like?  What works?  What should be changed?  We've done it as one team and we've split into 7.  What's best.  

Also, I think it would be good for others to lead team splats as well.  It's a group effort :)

Well, I'm tired.  I'll stop rambling now.  Just post something :p

     I would like to say thanks to tet fo organizing this. I know alot of tet's time went into this so a special thanks to you.

     I had a grand time and it was good to burn up alot of extra clicks that I had.  I would like to volenteer to help again anyway I can.

     I would also like to say a hard congrats to KMS and Beavis for attain so many splats. I know they clicked alot to get there.

     Thanks to everyone who participated and a Job Well Done  to all


lol jk...i liked it...even tho i couldnt contribute much...tho i will be able to do ALOT more specially now that i reached lvl 30 and no longer on auto god mode:D ...i liked the idea of teams...just maybe if the teames were made a lil more equal:$..other then that :d a lil more notice would be great too:p


oh...and i am more then willing to help contribute to the winners pot of the next team splat too:) just  a lil heads up of when it will be and ppl to actually give me something to do besides digging:p
So here are a few late night thoughts about team spalting

1- I think its important to the balance of Larki that we keep the team splats spead out, like maybe once a month, with a weeks warning of the event.  I think it will give people time to save their clics and supplies, and hopefully keep the market from running too dry.

2- Also, and this was just another brainstorm, what about a team triathelon event. Splatting, building and digging. I know how we can keep track of the splatting and building, but i'm not sure of how to track the digging.  Perhaps having teams comprised of spaltters, builders, and diggers.  Or just three events at once.  I don't know whats more interesting to people or possible.  But the sudden influx of nubs and the daily lack of putty makes me think that the consequences of such a focused splat effort need to be addresses.

3- To back Tet up, organizing and keeping track of a team splat is really consuming, both in time and energy.  I hope that the positive experience from this last team splat will transfer over and encourage others to lead the next team splat.

Otherwise, I had a blast splatting and seeing everyone on TA.  There was a moment when I was on a square with Tea Leaf, Little Boo, and Jkickers thief and I actually felt... safe :O  What is Lakri coming to?  And i like the 'less then a 100 nub trip' game :p (i know, big surprise there) My preference is to splat in a big group team, but anytime some one sets up a team splat, count me in.

Lets keep up the good splatting through the new year