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Subtatoo Selling
Subtatoo Selling
Subtatoo Selling
can you sell them at the store? i have a bunch of credits at the supply tent, and i dont need any of the stuff in there, so if i use my credits to buy stuff and sell it right back on the store or market, its all profit, and the subtatoo is the most profitable, but i dont want to try to sell them on the market and have no one buy them, so id like to have the store as a backup.
you don't want to sell them at the store, even if you can.  you can get a lot more at the market than the 50% the store would give you (if they can be sold at the store... i'm sure sure if they can or not).  it might take a little while, but it's more worth it to sell at the market regardless.

the other thing to consider... you may not need any of the things in the supply tent right now.  but you may need stuff down the road, because the things being sold often change each time you level-up.  i'd suggest just keeping them til you need them, but it's up to you.

Do any of the high level players have a hint what kind of things will be extremely hard to acquire but needed...

So we don´t missuse our credits. I guess there are enough other methods to make money, but if one could save a whole bunch of clicks by getting these things (for example usually not ready available on the market) from the tent instead, it would be great...

Michael :-) (Still having over 6k of credits to spent)
FYI, the last time I checked (September 5, 2005), the subtatoo was the 97th best silvers/credit item if selling the item at the store.  Take a close look, and look ahead a bunch of levels to maximize your liquidation.

In case you are wondering, the 10 credit wizardrobe available to level 68 characters is by far the best silvers/credit item.

(Note that this information doesn't take into account market prices, nor any data gathered since September 5th.)


>Do any of the high level players have a hint what kind of things will be extremely hard to acquire but needed...
>for example usually not ready available on the market

for as far as i've gotten (lvl 52), i can honestly say that it REALLY varies with time.  some weeks, there will be 100 breathing cornerstones at 6500 or below (i think it's currently close to that), whereas others, there are no bc's below 12k (as was the case about a month ago).  of course, those are more for houseparts than for weapons a TA fighter might need.

but it's the case for most items as well.  sometimes they're in good supply on the market, and sometimes they're not.  you'll just have to check from time to time yourself... i'd suggest as soon as you lvl, look at what you'll need for the next one.  and check back once or twice more before you do lvl.  then you'll have an idea of what to expect.  that's just my opinion though.

Thanks Jason!

In addition to that I was especially interested to know about such things like the universal keys you need for l52 boots which can´t be bought at a marketplace. Would take a lot of clicks to get them by killing those monsters who carry them, therefore less splats on TA.

Are there any other not market tradeable goodies to get at the tent?

Merry christmas to all of you
Michael :-)
I doubt you need them, yet. But, I would add Tense to the list of items that can not be bought/sold on the market.

tense and universal keys are only needed if you plan to use the antigrav boots.  my personal preference is to save the 100 antigrav thingies needed to start that line, because that's an extra 10kg in my pack.

a set of antigrav boots is all that the universal keys are used for, but if you need them for boots, make sure you have enough credits to buy them if you're not going to hunt on larki.  as for tense, they are used for many things.  the same goes for the boots... make sure you have enough credits.  but if you want tense for any of the other things, just ask people who have them (often there are enough in people's storage) to make the item for you.  while tense can't be sold at the market, the rest of the items they're used in (other than the antigrav boots) can be sold at market.

but i guess the only other thing you have to worry about is alien whatsitsnames.  they go into the first pair of antigrav boots.  unfortunately, they can't be bought at the supply tent, nor market.  but luckily some can be found by monsters on TA.  i've noticed that they don't come as quickly there as on larki though, to you might not have enough for your lvl 42 antigrav boots by lvl 42.