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Team Splat: Part 3
Team Splat: Part 3
Team Splat: Part 3
Time for the next team splat.

This one will be different then the last two.  Instead of everyone splatting on the same team, we will have several small teams competing.  Teams will consist of 8 CHARACTERS each.  The competition will start on friday at noon EST and end the last minute of this year, also EST.  

The winning team will receive 1 mil for each character from me.  Any other donations will be happily accepted.  


1.  Each team may have a maximum of 8 characters

2.  Each player may have only 2 characters on any given team, no matter how many accounts they have.  You may however be on as many teams as you would like, providing you have enough characters.  

3.  Each team will decide on a team leader.  The leader will be responsible for reporting team totals, preferably daily, but at the minimum every 3 days.

4.  You may if you wish, but are not required to give pledges.  

5.  Trash talking is not only allowed, but encouraged.  You all know the rules...no name calling, no profanity, no threats, no yo momma jokes.

6.  Players may recruit other people to be on their team and have one person register for all of them, or a player may register their characters and I will match them up with a team.

7.  I would like to see balanced teams.  Having 8 top splatting characters on one team would ruin the fun for everyone.  

8.  ALL characters MUST be registered no later then friday at 11am.

9.  There will not be a certain square you are required to splat on.  You may fight where you wish to.

For the newer players there will be a separate contest.  A newer player is one who does NOT have a character above level 35, and does not have a total of 500 or more splats total on all their characters.  For these players the contest will be individual, and the winner will receive 2 mil from me.  

Our total goal will be 75k splats.  I see no reason why we cannot accomplish this.  

Let's get our teams and characters registered and ready to splat!

:D TeT
Great Idea Tet

I have 6 fighters I use for splatting.  I am happy to join up for more team splats.

it looks like tet will be assembling teams.  i'm only going to submit two players for this, and i'd prefer they be on the same team.  i'm registering persistance and speed.
Tdurand in his wonderfulness has offered to match me. 

Jason has also generously offered 500k per top 8.

So this brings the current prize total to 2.5mil for each character in the winning team :D

Thanks guys 
Kristine Kringle isn't a half bad figher if anyone wants her on their team.

I also have commitments from...

Boo.........Big Boo


Jkicker.....Dextrose Jr



Rai.........Some random mage :p

This is going great so far.  How many people can we get signed up?  50? 75? More?
I would like to submit Talitu who has just levelled 48.
Tea leaf, who is probably a better fighter than thief. Really.
I've got 3 chars on TA currently ranging from levels 34-36.  It doesn't matter to me if two are on the same team or not.
Sign up Das Eichhörnchen (L 34)

I am not able to get into chat. Tried downloading Java, but even after doing so, I still got the message Java needed. Hope that this is no point of exclusion. 

Michael :-)
I will sign up Ompa though I am not sure how much splatting will get done.

I would rather have lots of smaller teams - more opportunity for the actively encouraged "banter" that is of course essential :p - maybe teams of 6 ... save a little money but perhaps more fun/competitive ?

KmS :)
I would like to submit Kenny's Dad and Dude wif a hat if anyone wants them on their team.
You can add 
 to a team. They'd be happy to help, and 

alright i guess magey will come and help but id really like fighter to be along side him....

he's got 250 finished last night at lvl 30 so im working at least 500 b4 the holiday clicks come in.

>You can add Mephistopheles and Phoenix to a team. They'd be happy to help, and love competition!

you bet they do beavis!  meph almost beat me in that north port race, and he's not built all that well.  i'd hate to think of how badly you'd have beaten me if you took phoenix over there :p  all in good fun and competition for the advancement of the game.  i'm still glad i get to keep my prize money though :)

I am offering four fighters: ShortRound, Count Nerdtacula, Le Tigre and Arbor Heavy (lvls 40-41).  I would like to keep them paired together if possible, but if not thats cool. Just let me know what team I'm on. :)

Looking forward to another team splat

We really need more players to be involved in this.  Remember, it is not just for the weekend, but for the rest of the year.  Even if you cannot do a high amount of splats, most of us can do a few hundred at leaset.

:) TeT
>We really need more players to be involved in this.

if my counting is decent, i think we have around 27 currently signed up.  and that's not even hearing from thomas, sandy, or monty i don't think.  might want to find out soon if any of them are in for some team splat.  but even at 8 char's per team, that's 3-4 teams at least.  if we go with the 6 char's per team someone suggested (which i think would be better :)), we're probably up to 5 or so teams.

I would like to submit The-joker and Guv'nor if anyone wants them on their team.
Ainuan iv will happily join a team
Ok after much attempt at consideration here are the teams.

Team One
1.  Imp
2.  Badman
3.  Dude Wif a Hat
4.  Kenny's Dad
5.  Dextrose jr
6.  Trand

Team Two
1.  Short Round
2.  Count Nerdtacula
3.  Ainuan iv
4.  Halo 10
5.  Kristine Kringle
6.  Duke Severon's Character of choice :p

Team Three
1.  Le Tigre
2.  Arbor Heavy
3.  Ompa
4.  Das Eichhörnchen
5.  Talitu
6.  Ezekial character 1

Team Four
1.  Speed 
2.  Persistence
3.  Guv'nor
4.  The Joker
5.  Big Boo
6.  Jag1

Team Five
1.  Mephistopheles
2.  Phoenix
3.  Ezekial character 2
4.  Ezekial character 3
5.  Evilrunsamok

Mini Me Team
1. Mage.174
2. Whips and Chains
I would appreciate if each team had one person who posted team totals daily, however if that doesn't work for you I'll of course take care of it.  

While I said all characters should be registered by today at 11 est, I would love to see even more, so I will continue to accept people through the weekend, just be aware you will have to catch up. 

We especially need more for the mini me competition so please get involved :p

Good luck to all the teams, let's see if we can hit 100k :D

Erm...I really meant to add Mistress of Evil to team 5 :$
i suggest all teams create their own thread for keeping track of their splats... start today by everyone posting their initial splat.  then use that post for updating, rather than this one... because this would get fairly cluttered and hard to follow.
i'll start with making one for my team...
ill even pledge 5 mil to the bigger teams kitty :p
For those of you not yet signed up we would love to have a sixth team ...

Montesgur has commited two characters and to get this team going I'll add either UndertheWeather/MixandMage. If numbers are short perhaps the Mini Me Team could also put their totals towards this one ...

Anyone fighting on TA please sign up :)

Fledgling Team 6:
KmS char

(If not maybe tet could add monty to an appropriate team when she wakes up :p)
i think stragglers will join in, and we'll have enough for a 6th team.  *cues thomas*
if its not too late id like to sign up bibbo and Quiksilva
Team 1 has a total of 2506. will post by char if you need me to


i think currently, team 4 has 1850.  but we're going for more tonight :)
Well right now I am just going on the numbers I see on the team threads.  I am pretty sure they are completely wrong right now, as not everyone has posted what they've done.  As a side note, on the final day I will get accurate counts from the toplist :)

So far we have team 3 in the lead with 2732, followed by team 5 with a close 2719.  Team 4 is close on the heels as well with 2633.  Team 2 with 1656 and team 1 with 1638 bring up the rear.  Well, except for team 6...which has no thread lol.  

We are doing fantastic guys and gals.  It will only get better from here. I show 11378 splats so farm and it's only been 38 hours :D

Current count....

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Team 5

Total splatted since Friday at noon....17176

:D:D We're doing great so far!  Let's get it up to 100k :p
Team 6
KmS char

Team 7
Wasnt me jr
Chicken Kid
Crazy Train

Still looking for more players.  Add your name on this thread or contact me. 

:) TeT

tet and mage_basher and vanquisher to team 7. I got their starting numbers too.


Current update...

Team 1:  7601

Team 2:  4421

Team 3:  6623

Team 4:  5124

Team 5:  5702

Team 6:  2688

Team 7:  1802

Total splats are 33961 :)
Oh, and the update does NOT include KMS's char on team 6, or LD's updated splats on team 5.
Current update...

Team 1: 9477

Team 2: 4648

Team 3: 8215

Team 4: 6970

Team 5: 7092

Team 6: 3071

As of right now, Mephostoples has contributed the most with 2975 splats, followed closely by Imp with 2909.  Great work guys! :D
As of now standings are...

Team 1:  9962

Team 3:  8834

Team 5:  7872

Team 4:  7766

Team 2:  4711

Team 6:  3273

Team 7:  2983

Everyone is doing well, many even better then they expected.  I mean really, we even got Lusha to click and that's NOT an easy thing to do.
Next update...

Team 1:  12119

Team 2:  4820

Team 3:  11052

Team 4:  8318

Team 5:  8696

Team 6:  3277

Team 7:  4436
6 hours left, here's the current numbers...

Team 1:  14367

Team 2:  5631

Team 3:  12436

Team 4:  9937

Team 5:  9913

Team 6:  3277

Team 7:  6869

As I am also trying to get a few last minute splats in, this will be the last update before the competition is complete.

Team 1:  15519

Team 2:  5669

Team 3:  13275

Team 4:  9937

Team 5:  12098

Team 6:  3277

Team 7:  7016

Grand total is 66791.  Remember the goal is 75k.  So push hard the last few hours let's see if we can make it :D
The competition is now over, congrats to team one on the win :D

Here are the complete results :)

Team 1: 
Imp: 3472
1Badman: 2437
Dude wif a hat: 2451
Kennys Dad: 2500
Trand: 2857
Dextrose jr. 1950
TOTAL: 15667

Team 2: 
Shortround: 2000
Count Nerdtacula: 1269
Ainuan IV: 1612
Halo 10: 106
Baby New Year: 395
Razaak: 306
TOTAL: 5688

Team 3: 
Le Tigre: 2621
Arbor Heavy: 1920
Ompa: 3823
Das Eichornchen: 2283
Talitu: 1694
Blumschatten: 1317
TOTAL: 13658

Team 4:
Speed: 1350
Pers: 1300
Guv'nor: 1381
The Joker: 899
Big Boo: 2725
Jag1: 2282
TOTAL: 9937

Team 5:
Mephostoples: 3780
Phoenix: 2306
Dunklestern: 1313
Donnerschlag: 1368
ERA: 2768
MOE: 1020
TOTAL:  12573

Team 6:
Montymage: 1046
Montymage2: 119
Bibbo: 527
Quicksilva: 220
Undertheweather: 150
Chicky: 1215
TOTAL: 3277

Team 7:
Wasnt me jr: 3317
Chicken kid: 774
Doomtrain: 100
Crazy train: 69
Mage_basher: 870
Vanquisher: 1911
TOTAL: 7041


Everyone involved did a fantastic job!  Especially seeing as it was a holiday week, I think everyone pulled through.  I also noticed a couple people I wasn't familiar with in chat, so I see that as very successful :)

Special thanks go out to KMS, Beavis, TD, and Hob who all had characters who hit 3k splats or more during the competition. :D
congrats to team 1.  and way to go to all who helped fight.  sorry i couldn't help more.  anyway, the money i said i'd donate to the pot of the winning team has been transferred to tet, so you can get the money i owe you from her.  enjoy.  and happy new year to all.
my money has been tranfered to tet too :) tho she didnt like my way of transfering money :p sherpa takes its toll:'(
Lol.  I am ready to pay out the prize money, just get ahold of me in chat :)
lost my other self please check out the lizardsteel items lowered them to 1200000 for your arsenal for others. Thanks let me know what you might need since i read forum quite frequently and have been making exta houseparts for awhile and have some monies put up for that usually talk to thomast but cannot get onto chat since now requires java.thanks clegh