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Spirit o the Season: Forgive JagDigger
Spirit o the Season: Forgive JagDigger
Spirit o the Season: Forgive JagDigger
Please remember when logging in, to start your day by:

1. Visiting your house.
2. Forgiving the evil person JagDigger
3. Stopping back frequently to repeat steps 1 & 2

Happy Holidays All!
Or if in a jolly mood:
1. Track down JagDigger
2. Squish him
3. Give a holly jolly laugh!(BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!)
4. Repeat aboves steps as many times as possible
"You leave your home.
The evil person Prince Keldahr was seen towards northeast a long time ago."

"You have forgotten the one who wronged you."

close enough jag?  just warming up for if/when you get me :)
--jason (bumping 103... went home from 2/3 of a lvl of stealing nails on TA, just lvl'ed to 26 and time to upgrade stuff and go fight a bit to maintain weapon skills... kinda didn't have a chance against price k, so forgiving was the only option :p)
The evil person JagDigger was seen towards southwest a long time ago.

You have forgotten the one who wronged you.

:p Merry Xmas :p
Aww c'mon...how About a nice little present of...
(this is a fake)

You attack Jagdigger
You hit a ******* and squished your opponent!!

*******This number is too large for the regular moniter. Please switch to a movie theater if you really want to see it.

Forgive him??? NO I don't think so.  I will never forgive him for sitting on my tail or trying to boot me out of my chair.
Infact I am changing his name.  He shall now be known as "Jag the Usurper".  Off with his head!

Can you blame me for wanteing to be as close to you as possible?

BTW, I love that name...need to see if we can get his name changed to that by one of the Mods...LOL