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Level 82 Equipment
Level 82 Equipment
Level 82 Equipment
Mont....or anyone else who can figure it out...can you find the recipes for level 82 equipment.  I need P/S, ranged, helm, armour and maybe boots (can you check in to see when the next pair of antigrav boots are).

Pssssssssssst.....Dont tell her the antigrav boot recipes please ;).

Full Bronze(brass) Armour
8 heatball
12 negative
6 brassnut

Hypnosteel Sandals
1 heliosteel sandals
1 artini sandals
1 hypnosteel sole

Hynosteel sole
20 dew drops
12 hypnogen
60 small pillow

as for the antigrav boots there is a pait for lvl 81 actually...

Dracosteel Antigrav boots
1 daemonsteel antigrav boots
20 moustashe net
60 mop fur

the one after that is for lvl 84 if you want that i can post it later

(Warm) Helm
1 shinning helm
5 heatball
15 iron nose

dewsteel razor
1 hypnosteel sickle
1 rune broadsword
1 dewsteel blade

Dewsteel blade
8 dew drops
20 lux
60 hook

(Heat stroke?)
1 hypnosteel club
1 fur(hammer-sledgehammer)
1 heat wave

Heat wave
2 heatball
20 lux
50 canker

Furhammer (lvl 81 S/s)
3 moustashe net
25 mopfur
15 gigatentacle

magnetosteel mortal
1 magnetosteel curser
15 word caster
2 heatball

parsian slingshot
1 parsian mortal
23 dewdrops
4 demonamulet (drops by Thordi magician lvl 104)
Mont....you are awesome.  Thanks again.

Mont...that antigrav boot recipe does not work...says something is wrong...could you check it out again for me?

eepits 75 mopfur sorry i dont know where i got the 60 at.
Thanks Mont....that one worked :p