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TeT's Shoppe
TeT's Shoppe
TeT's Shoppe
Please join me for the grand reopening of my Armour and Weapons shoppe.  Here I specialize in full-service upgrades with fast and cheap delivery.  I'm currently looking for orders.  While I enjoy making the more complicated items, I am happy to assist you in all your level-up needs.  My prices are almost always less expensive then market price, and often there is a significant savings.  While I do this to make money, I would rather make a little from a lot of people, and make everyone happy.  

If you are in need of anything, please seek me out in chat.  I am there a very high percentage of the time.  If I am not on, feel free to leave a message here as to what you need, and I will fill it right away.

Also please remember that those players who assist in supplying me with much needed items such as dragongrass, cubes, or others are always given an even deeper discount.  

I hope to do business with you soon. :)

You buy a 
 for 3,587,226 silvers.
You appear to be short on funds! The local Sherpa Service assists you in your hour of need, for a fee of 150,697 silvers...

Lol thanks for the business Will.  As a note to everyone else, my prices are cheap, but not normally quite that cheap.  If you're looking for that kind of price, see me at 5am when I'm tired and distracted :)

Hello I was looking over this and I think I could use some help.....I don't got much money and I need you to build me a 
Dispro Bodyshield
Brass Boots
Ent Helm
 also a 
Hydrasteel Log
 And also if you could buy #1 
Kaltenekker Bow
 and price it for realy low I would be grate full but first before you make all these items tell me how much you would wan't in total for them all as a group and I will try to collect enough money to buy them all, also don't put them on the market so soon because I am tottaly broke lol :p just tell me how much you wan't and when I got it I will tell ya and you can make them for me :) sorry for the long post :p
PUHhhhlease.  If you have that many silvers then you know very well how to get the money to the market.  Sherpa service will cost you, but it is available.
Riku, I can make you brass boots for 2800, and a hydrosteel log for 97k(the HC's are expensive, and in high demand).

The ent helm and kaltenekker bow are rewards for kings missions and cannot be made.

As for the disprobodyshield, the lack of crocodile skins on the market prohibits me being able to make this at this time.  

I would prefer if you didn't ask me to buy something and sell it to you at a lower price then I paid.  I'm here to make a profit, a small one yes, but a profit nonetheless.

Wooshcuckoo I can make your Elvensteel helm for 325k and disproboots for 740k. 

If both of you would let me know if my prices are acceptable, I will start making these things right away.


Also, if you are a non-sub, and cannot use sherpa service, other arrangements can be made.  I have no problem doing a market transfer for any cash over what your character can carry.
Okay cool, I got enough for the boot's but not enough for the log lol :p so maybe in awhile when I get enough for the log I will tell you k? til' then could ya put the boot's on the market for me? :)
Dang it I just now wasted all my clicks :( bye the way you don't have to buy the bow because it dropped down to like 15k it should be fairly easy cause I already got like 10k or 11k or something :p Maybe tommorrow if I can get on I will buy the boots :) thanks for all your help :)
thanks them prices are great i'll have both of them as soon as you can      
Wooshcuckoo your items are complete.  The price of the helm has gone to 365k, as when I quote a price it is a workup using the most current market prices and it won't always be the same several days later.  I am ready to drop both items anytime you wish, but I strongly suggest you come into chat as they have a ways to drop and would be something people would snag when they see the post.  

Let me know, either here or in chat when you're ready.


i have the money now and willing to pay however means you wish   thanks again
Well our only issue seems to be being on at the same time.  They are done, but I won't just drop them to let them sit on the market waiting for someone esle to grab lol.  Let's keep playing tag I guess :p

I'll put in for:

a centro shield
 a draco steel club
and a diamond helmet

         Appreciate the help!

Leveled up today, was wondering when I could pick up my order.

I should be on most of the day today :)
TeT, I need a Skivian Destroyer for Jag1.  If you can make it for less than market let me know in chat later tonight or tomorrow.


manquill has been expensive lately (needed for jag's new toy).  so if you don't have some stored, find me in chat or on msn tet, and i've got some you can have at a fair price.
I didn't know some people take pleasure in mass destruction! 
I'm not sure about this but A hydrasteel log is a little outta price range of like 400,000? I'm not sure that it's that good anyways...
Hey Jag, due to the generosity of Jason, Boo, and KmS, I was able to make it for slightly over half the current market price.  See me in chat or MSN when you are ready :)

Dear TeT!

Is your weapon shop still open? If it is so I would be interested in compoboots (L40)...If you could please state your current price, I would be glad to tell you if I can afford them... :-)

Yours sincerely


PS I am sorry, but I am not able to come to chat due to technical difficulties...
My shoppe is always open :)

Do you have the giansteel or the hyperboots?  Or am I making from scratch?  I'll get started on a price workup, let me know if you have any of the intermediaries :)

I´m sorry, I neither have one of those... :(

That's ok.  I'm more then happy to make them for you, but it IS expensive.  Total cost for compoboots from scratch is 4.75 mil.  Check out the upgrade tree on that and you'll see why lol.  I have a pair all done if you want them, let me know and I'll put them on.  :)

I knew it was expansive lol ...

The price is all right, just give me some time to scratch the rest of the money I need out of TA surface...Won´t take much longer :-)

I´ll post if I´ve got it together



I´ve got the required money...

Feel free to put it on the market.

Please post when you have done so.

They are up now.  Thanks so much for your business. :)

I have to thank you for your quick delivery.

With the best wishes

Michael :-)
hi again ....is there any chance you could make me a few items please 
Of course.  Just let me know either in chat or on this thread what you would like made and I'll start working on it now. :)

Since you wish to get some raw materials, I would like to know if you want acid crystals or emeralds, I can beat the market price for you if you wish.  I have 21 acid crystals and 9 emeralds at the moment, and I'd like to know what raw materials you want.

Julip, almost all low level items like what you describe are in very good supply. The fact that a fairly new character can get them usually makes them quite common. You can help by just listing them on the market at or below the going price -- probably 50%, so you have to put them at that price.

The items that are hard to find are in the 20s through the low 40s, such as various types of magic spells and various mail armours.

Good point, I simply noticed that they were above 80% market price is the only reason I mentioned them.  I'm currently making small, medium, and large mothshields but I don't remember how to make iron shields at this time, I'm not lucky at the pubs.  I'm also making some golden axes, and I'll give 50% price any day for those.  What is beyond golden axes anyway?  Also, what items can be made from cithinblades as a component, even if these items are removed several levels?  I know of chitin dagger, kithinshield, eliteguard's spear, and iron fork after eliteguard's spear. 

julup, try 
 for recipes.  click on "item" in the menu (top right), then either search by level (or any other feature you want), or just look up the item you want to use (like the cithinblade), and on the page for that, it tells you what items it is an ingredient in ;)  it's great to have player sites.  and there's so much more you'll find, just looking around that site.
I was looking for Kompoboots and Nailarmor Possibly...
tet :...i have some giantsteel boots i can sell you :0 they costed me a pretty penny :p but id be willing to trade it for cost or a lil lower then cost :) pm me in chat or reply here if u want em for the compoboots
Dear TeT!

I am in need of a Red Elementalarmour. I could give you a Granitearmour if desired. 

Yours sincerely,

Michael :-)
DmD, a pair of shiny new compoboots and a new suit will be no issue.  Done later tonight or tomorrow at the latest.

Sir Micheal, I am afraid I cannot at this time make you a red elemental.  The market has been ransacked by too many people hitting the same level at the same time, and a few who think they can get rich quick by monopolizing the needed supplies. Again, I am truely sorry I am unable to help at this time :(

Lets see what we can do to overcome TeT/Sir Michael's problem, I have a small collecion of ingredients :p
What I need most is chainmail undies.  Please wash them first :p
If you two can wait 24 hours, i'll probably have it sorted. I have a small number stored, will hunt the rest.
i am more then willing to hunt too :) i have chain undeies stored(A)...and washed yes:pand as for the spells i cant really help much there:p the ones i buy/have i use for parts of the elementals like icearmour, mudarmour and of the like :p...but as for ne thing else...i will be more then happy to hunt down and sell for 50 % or a suitable number for you :p
Ok, I must apologize, my bizzare sleep patterns and duties at home often keep me away during prime playing times.  

I have completed both your orders, thanks to some friends who were very helpful in obtaining needed supplies :)

DmD your compoboots are 4.75 mil and your nailarmour is 1.1.  Please contact me in chat or msn for delivery.

Sir Micheal your red elemental is 4.5.  Let me know through chat or this forum when you are ready :)

Dear TeT!

I am ready to pay the 4.5 Mio. Just put it on the market.

With thanks coming right from my heart

Dropping now, sorry again it took so long :)
I am sorry to inform you all that TeT's Shoppe will be undergoing some changes. 

Due to my recent desire to actually click my characters, I will no longer be taking same day orders.  I am asking for a minimum of one day to complete your order.  

Due to my recent bankruptcy, I will no longer make items for free or take a loss when filling orders.  I simply can no longer dig or nail thieve to support my habit of making stuff cheaply.  I will not be charging high prices, but I do expect to make a small profit in exchange for my time.  Please remember I have invested hundreds of millions into houseparts and items so that I may keep the prices low for you.  

Thank you for your understanding, feel free to respond or contact me with any questions, comments, or orders. :)

hi tet,

i was wondering if i could get a quote on a few items please.

giantsteel boots and 2 dracosteel bodyshield

Sorry for the delay.

Giantsteel boot:  1.2 mil

Dracosteel bodyshield:  600k each

These prices are based upon current market prices and are subjected to change as the market does.

ok, i'll take them all please!

we sort it out in chat when i see you next!

Great, I'll have them done this evening, pick them up whenever I see you.  :)
TeT, I need a Giantsteel Destroyer when you get a minute.  Have not seen you in chat the past few days.


tet, i'm sure you've got a bunch stored... but if not, you are an ideal candidate to make these for me.  i'm looking for 10 brassnuts at a reasonable price.  if you have to wait a few days to get the ingredients, that's fine (because it seems some of them are out at the market these days).
hi tet, can i get a price for 2 giantsteel shields please?

cheers rocket
hi tet is it possible to make me 3 items please........hyperarmour...giantsteel boots and a skivian helm     let me know if you can and the prices . i will await your reply    thanks again