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Level 81 Recipes...
Level 81 Recipes...
Level 81 Recipes...
Hey all, some help with the level 81 stuff please:


Thank you,
furhammer (maybe)
3 moustache net
25 mopfur
15 gigatentacle

photosteel mortal
1 photosteel curser
14 wordcasters
2 drill bit

body armor
1 lvl80 body armour
8 drill bit
8 coppernut

6 moustache net
30 mopfur
20 iron nose

1 lvl 79 helm
1 lvl 80 helm
1 shiney bit(maybe the name)
shiney bit
5 drill bit
10 rune
30 small pillow

Not that I can kill the monster to get the drill bits, but....   Also need the recipe for the shiney bit since I'm betting that it is made.

I might reinstate the 'virtual kiss' if you haven't led us astray on these recipes ;-)
1st the shiney bit recipe is there
How about a p/s weapon?

Spidey....catch me one time and I will sell you some drill bits :)

81 ps

3 drill bit
8 rune
15 godblade
Thanks Mont....you are awesome :)

Thanks for the info monty...and banne, once i get enough bits, ill give ya the excess.

LOL, didnt see your comment Bunzzy...Itll take a lot to catch ya.. Im still banking on you somehow dropping your antigrav boots or something ;)...By the way, if you see this, Just wondering if you can kill the sword swallower or not, thats the only one I cant get and I cant even damage it???

That is just SO wrong.  I think I defeated one lvl 80 monster and there are still a slew of monsters from the previous lvl that I can't touch.  Ah well.  Life goes on.
I can kill all but the sword swallower myself.  Glad to see you can too....thought it was weird that you could not get the drill head.  See ya later.  Bane....if you see me around catch me if you want some bits....have more than I need already.