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where to report - missing clicks?
where to report - missing clicks?
where to report - missing clicks?
Yesterday morning I thought it was my imagination.  This morning, I checked carefully.....

MagicRose received the appropriate # of clicks, but neither MagicRose2 nor Ro$e received any clicks.  No big deal on Ro$e (as long as she starts getting clicks!), but I JUST made antigrav boots for MagicRose2 and yesterday was supposed to be the first day that she would receive extra clicks!

I can not report this problem from work (can no longer access anything related to 'games' from work) and it is sooooooooooo slow to track down the proper place to report this from home.
Not sure if this helps, but anti-grav boots take up to a couple hundred clicks to activate.  You won't get the bonus clicks until a message ("your boots are activated" or similar) appears on your screen.

Nope, it wasn't a problem with too few clicks on Ro$e and MagicRose2 - it was a problem of receiving NO clicks.  I could have lived with 846, but instead I got a whopping big ZERO
Sorry to go nosin in, but just on a side note, how often does this happen?  I only care about 1 character of course, but on the occasion it has seemed that I have missed a days worth of clicks here and there on this character.  I do not play often enough to be sure, but it is just I thought i'd mention.

LOL, i.e., today, cant say for sure, but coulda sworn I did not get any, but it could just be because someone else said so, but it only seems to happen when I play 2 days in a row.  I rarely get to anymore (and no, dont worry, I know when clicks are refreshed so that is not the problem) but that is when I seem to notice.  Oh well, cant be sure.

I don't know.  This is the first time that I've noticed it in a LONG time.  I can't always play every day and haven't been checking to make sure that the proper # of clicks where being accrued.

I do know that in the past, the moderators were able to replace the missing clicks - I don't know if they can/will still do this.
But how and why would it happen?  If it has happened before, that concerns me.  It could have happened numerous times and I or others could not have noticed.  That sux.

Ahem, well, yes, that HAS been mentioned before.

I would just like to have someone check into it to confirm that it DID happen.  If possible.
I finally found someplace to report it.  Fingers crossed that there is a (positive) response.
900 clicks have now been added to magicrose.
Ummmmmmmmmm  I really do love the thought, but can you add those clicks to MagicRose2 (the one who is missing clicks)?  You may have to wait until after clicks are added again to remove them from MagicRose.  I didn't have a problem with her clicks - although I don't mind a few extra! :-)  If you can't..... well, as long as MagicRose2 starts getting clicks again, I will survive.
MagicRose2 (and Ro$e) got the clicks - thank you.  I'll let you know if they get their 'regular' clicks today.
Actually....the logs were checked and all the characters did receive the clicks.

However, extra clicks had already been added, and we saw no reason to take them away again.

Well that is not entirely fair either then.  


Veriac Claus coming early this year ?!  ;)

sorry, Veriac, but based on what I received from the helpdesk at FoD, they only know that MagicRose received clicks at the appropriate time.  They did not give me any history of clicks for MagicRose2 or Ro$e.  If they DID - well, they are under the mistaken impression that  I don't have click balances for any of my 4 characters and as anyone can EASILY tell, MagicRose is the only one (legitimately) under 20000 clicks.

A little logic example.  Ro$e is my digger/maker - I also use her to track down the balloon :-)  Clearly not a character that goes through anything like 800 clicks/day on a regular basis.  Over the 3 day weekend, I played more than usual and made a few items.  I would guess that I went through 2-4000 clicks - I didn't play her THAT much, but much more than usual.  Yet here it is 2 days into the work week, you have added 900 clicks and Rose has 22975 clicks available.  Therefore, I had to have gone through 3025 + 5*830 clicks to have the current click total that I have right now.  There is NO conceivable way that I went through 7075 clicks in 5 days (2 of which I barely played Ro$e) on a character that is a digger/maker.  I was prepared to think that I MIGHT have played MagicRose2 more than I thought and I MIGHT have missed when clicks were refreshed - but there is no conceivable way that I played Ro$e for 7000+ clicks - didn't happen.

MagicRose is FINE (thank you for the clicks), but I have 2 characters that are not so fine.  Ro$e can live without having clicks restored - as long as she starts accruing clicks again.  MagicRose2 NEEDS to start accruing clicks again (which may have already happened).

I do appreciate the clicks - you didn't have to add them so quickly and I appreciate that you did.  But there is/was a problem with 2 of my characters that has not been investigated.
a little more math...

MagicRose2 started this evening with 20450 clicks - including the 900 that you (Veriac) added this morning.  I would have had to have used approx 5450 + 5*868 = 4340 9790 clicks in 5 days.  Again - barely played her today and yesterday.  So the 3 characters that I played in the last 5 days, I would have had to have gone through 7075 (Ro$e) + 9600 (MagicRose2) + 4400 (MagicRose)= 21075  

A tad more math - it takes me an hour (on a good connection) to play 1000 clicks.  I played no more than 2 hours (so far) today and yesterday.  So I had to have played 19 hours in 3 days.  Don't you think that I would have noticed playing 6+ hours/day for 3 days? 

There IS a problem. (even given that I have probably made a math error or 3)