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As everyone is aware, there have been very few missions recently. This was partly due to myself having some fairly major family related issues, and due to some technical issues.

I am looking to put together a small team of people to assist with writing NEW missions. I do not expect the team to consist of more than 6 people.

Requirements for this are:

1 - SOLID understanding of the game
2 - Fluent in English
3 - Avaialble to be contacted via msn messenger

Rewards for team members:

well....i was gonna put something in here....but basically what you will get is a little fame. However, im sure that something can be arranged somewhere to have your name shown in the help files as having assisted in writing missions.

special note:

This team is not officially sanctioned by FlyOrDie, but is a team that i am personally putting together to write missions for the game.

If you are interested, please leave the following info as a reply to this post:

your username
your main char name
your timezone

please do not post ideas for missions in this thread. A separate thread will be created for that!

i feel i meet the requirements you have given.  as long as i'm not required to help with the actual programming of the missions..

i use two accounts equally: jason_kroeker and jason_kroeker2
main character is on the second: only strength
time zone: eastern time (north america).  GMT-5:00

I can help
I am in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

I've been waiting for an offer like this.

User Name: SandyT
Main Char: Callum
Time Zone: Eastern (GMT-5)

I would like to help.

User Name..madame esme
Main char..talitu
Time Zone..Central American(GMT-6))

I believe I have all the requirements for this (degree in English). I have been playing Larkinor for 5 years. Main character Montsegur
Sounds like fun :) would love to get involved ...

Account - KillingmeSoftly
Main Chars - Crisis and Ompa Lompa
Timezone - GMT
I'm not putting my name in as I don't feel I have been here long enough but I would cast my vote for monte. marbunz and sandy. They have all helped my learn to play.
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Please follow the instruction for this thread.

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yeah why not...lets have some fun:)

main char:Fish n Chips

hope we start soon:D
V, as you well know ive asked to help both in mission design and mission writting.  Here's my chance!


You have my msn still i hope ;\
Main account, " Raven's pain "

Main character, "Koo Koo kachoo"
Time Zone GMT. -8:00) US & Canada.
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Not sure if you filled out the team yet but I would love to help.
Your username: Jagatai
Your main char name: Jagatai1
Your timezone: Eastern

I would be pleased to offer my help

eastern time (USA)
apologies for the delays...i had some technical problems with the mission writing tool (i deleted it!!) and only restored the backup this morning.

So far the following people have been successful:


The others will be announced on monday, by which time i should have finished writing some instructions for the tool.


I still have the list of instructions that almost drove you nuts trying to guide me through :p. If you want me to send it on to you let me know.
heh please do...it will save me hours of work, but will cost me a fortune in headache tablets reading it all again !

Pending final Approval by FlyOrDie Admins the following players were successful.

Elusha Romanov

Apologies to those who applied and were not successful, but at this time spaces are limited and the criteria for selection was very harsh.

Once i have final Approval from FlyOrDie Admins i will confirm this list, or remove from it any who were denied by the admins.