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Off Topic: Sandy on StarTV
Off Topic: Sandy on StarTV
Off Topic: Sandy on StarTV
Sorry this is so off-topic, but I do consider a bunch of you guys friends...

I'm proud to announce that I'm going to be on Star TV (
 this Sunday (Sept 17) at 7pm EST talking about my Rubik's puzzle collection.  If you get the channel in your area and you get a chance to watch it, let me know what you think!



I don't get that channel - but congratulations!  woohoo!!!!!!!  
Cool beans!!
Wow makes me want to get cable!  Ralph if you get it could you tape it for me?
Someday I am going to try out for Survivor and then you can all watch me. 

Can't get that channel, darn it! Guess I'll have to do something about that before Smurf makes her debut on Survivor. In the meantime,Sandy,hope everything goes smoothly for your appearance. Congrats!  
i get the channel wil be watching
awww :( I dont get the channel either.
But congrats anyway sandy:D
and if anyone is clever enough to record it and put it on the web or pass it along im sure there are many of us who would like a copy ;) 

Congrats Sandy!!
I won't be able to watch it but still:D

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