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Hall Of Fame
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Hall Of Fame
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Hall Of Fame
This is my first time starting a new topic so be nice! ;) I got the idea for this post from one of the other forums so I thought I'd post it in here...Name the good, polite and fun players on FoD. So if you play someone who's friendly and fun please name them here! :)

dj hype
 - I've known ya for ages mate & U always wind me up! 

Mr Skunk
 - U make me laugh soooo much that I fall off my chair! :D

 - For designing & making everyone a sig pic!

 - For being the first to make me a sig pic! :)

 - Really nice kind & helpful...A true gent! 

 - Thanxs for those tips & tricks...I'm alot better but probably still won't beat ya! :D

 - Altho' Ur no longer on FoD...U always use to let me beat ya even tho' U were so much better than me! Hope ya little one is doing well at school! :D

London Lady ™

AUSSIERULES....good mate all round laugh :S
chEEky.....so damm funny and keeps me down to earth.:D
peachy.... for the roses
snowdrop...for the shuurrup newk for well over a year.
Tara.... for just being tara and making me laugh.
stormbringer...lol no points my mate 
londaylady....for not knowing who i was tut.:p
streamline....just for being you ;)

if ive missed others out my bad sorry its too early!!!!

Sad_eyes....cuz she makes me pee with her womens lib stuff;)
Streamline- she always seems to be in a good mood

CoBrA-just because 

blueberrybabe- for being nice and loving
... for all the times we shared together, ur worth every second!:p

...Always being first to say hi to me &  making me laff the hardest!

... For giving me great advice on improving my game in pool,& it really helped, TY...

... For her steel-toed boots,lol... & just being herself.

... For saying what he thinks, no matter what!

... U too,lol...

... Who never forgets to say hi

... For being thoughtfull & making me a sig, TY...

... He's just the coolest!
I know there's more, but ur not forgotten;)

OMMMMMMMMMG errrrrr I am soooo mad right now.:( I just had made a long list of bout 25 people and the reasons why and all that, but i guess i took to long so it logged me out and erased everything on me :'( :( errrr that sux, I'll post it when i am bored again. And finished being mad.
LOL Peachy...

hmmmm..  I know one !!!

what about GHOST  :p
hey *cough* Neal(Newkie) WHERE AM I????????
Just leave me out then :|, o well lol im not that important newayz lol

wheres me? :(  i supose im not that important
The list go's on...
Angelic_Babe ... For always being sweet (ur not forgotten)
Acuestick ... For letting me get at least 1 shot before he pot's em all in,lol...
IMCOOLJ...Makes me smile, when I least expect it
Tara xxx
London Lady... Congrats on making ur first topic!
I just had my 100th post, yay!!!

sweetangelbaby.....urmm for telling me off 4 forgetin her.
angelicbabe.... for buggin me lol in a good way...

ok ill say again if ive missed u"s out im drunk so sowwyy..

newk  :D
well thats a nice reason newk lolz :)  & ty tara it's nice 2 know im not 4gotton:).......
Thanks all of U that replyed to my first post! :D *Hugs*

London Lady ™
First off i would like to say thanks to Newkie & Tara!!
I feel loved!!! LOL

Here is my list:
Tara - for always saying HI
Luna - always welcomes you in the lobby and doesn't forget you!
8ball Lover - for when i need a hug (sometimes)
Mighty Matt - who can make me laugh!!!
Newkie & Cheeky - for their wild and crazy ways!!
                  (and for sharing popcorn)
Snowdrop - who is a nice person
Electrichead - because he is a true friend
Alexsai - because is a good guy to talk to!
Strawberry_Wine - friend all the wayyyy!!
SemperRight - special and true friend in my life
             Im glad we met
Stream - Cool MOD
Sundown - Another Cool MOD

And for all the others that i missed, im sorry, but u know who u are and u guys are the best!!

Sad Eyes (aka Sandy)

   My list would be:
Magician and Streamline
: Great Mods, good
   for a game or 3, and good conversations
: Good laugh, and reasonable game
MrVanian, BALLZNALL, Ima_Tryin
: Good games
   and conversations.
Newkie and _chEEky_
: For there ongoing humor,
   and friendship.
_TARA_, donna66, alexsai
: For good 
I would just like to add a few more.....

dirtyangel - we just met but u do say hi
Fletcheloniuos  - the party animal that he is (dam i cant spell your name!)
shades19 (justin) - who has been honest!!
mix - who always says aloha!
IMCOOLJ -  the name says it all!!
jamaician - you meake me laugh
Glass Pawn - what a crazy chicky!!!

and i know theres more...... sorry if i missed you again!!
Sad Eyes
geez ppl i said twice if i forgot im sowwy..


ok is that all can i go now...

Enough about my name, I can't help it!!!
Silly me...I forgot 

Ghost Rider
 - For helping me & telling me to keep moving in my first game of tanks! lol

 - For just being U! 
ok ok ok, 

i'll break down and even say QUAKE,  when he's not in such an hated mood!

wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ive been chose;\ scotty is happy now:) cheers london lady...id do one but ...i dunnno..know to many ppl maybe;\ 
well if i have too do my list i dont know who too putt in it but ill try if i for got you im sorry:
-sad_eyes a very sweet friend too me 
dragon king is just the coolest 
bubbbab and storm u 2 r very cool mods
and llast but not least ausierules riverboatcasino u2 are the best
and of cours my sisters i have too mencion you 2 aswell there always there too help me 
im sorry if i forgot you
ok here goes.....sorry to anyone i missed off!!!

 for being the bestest fiancee in the world. i love you loooooooads hon...still wearing purple tho!

 cos she is always sweet and lovely

 shes adorable and so cute!

 funny girl who makes me smile

 dunno why he's here, he turned me down!

 cool mod

 always makes me giggle and hes adorable

 adorable and very funny

 he listens to me drone on about my problems and he sends hilarious emails!

 not always seen eye to eye but she is cool

 cos he's taking me to ibiza!
knew i forgot someone important.....

 for just being lindz, making me laugh and having a laugh with our bored club!
Well This is going to be a very long list if i remember everyone. Which i doubt i will so please nobody get offended if your not on it i still like ya.

 - For being a wonderful man, and great pool shooter. We did have our differences in the start but now i am totally thankful for this site cause of meeting you.

 - Well Your an awesome Pot Head lol ;) And you'd play me a game no matter how high ur points were and how low mine are just as long as it wasn't on the scareface name.

 - For letting me become admin of ybpl with you, And for being a cool guy allthough we've had our fair share of problems. 

 - Always sweet and never gets pist when i beat him. 

 -Always being the most nicest, and calmest, people there are here. 

 - You can be a real pain at times, but ur still cool and a good pool player. 

K J 
 - For always saying hi to me and giving me a rose and games any time i enter the lobbys.

 - For always saying hi n for the roses whenever i come into room 1. 

 - same reason as newkie except that you now know my name;)

 - Awesome pool shooter and one of the most sweetest mature men on here. 

 - For showing me the really cool sounds on msn plus. 

 - For being a major pain at times, but still saying whats up and all that stuff.lol

 - Always being so polite to me and saying hi n giving flowers. 

 - For taking the time to make me my sig image, ty.

-Dont really know you, but what i can tell so far your also a pretty cool chick. 

 - Well its well known we don't see eye to eye all the times but besides from that she's cool.

 - Not really sure why but i guess cause you bring some laughter around. 

 - For being a cool dude and making me laugh even if at times u say totally obscure things. 

 - For being one of the most sweetest and caring chicks on this site, and for always sticking by my side throughout the whole ybpl mess. Also for helping me run the league i had made. Ty Very Much.   

Well not that many but ill be posting more when i realize who i missed. :) Great topic LondonLady. :D
My list isn't to long but I think it mentions the people who I have a bond with on the site.

 - I think, the nicest guy on FOD, without a doubt. He helps me with every problem I have without fail and is never unpatient with anyone, really. :p

 - Been friends with him since I first began with upa2 and even started up our own league which kind of disappeared so I got to say thanks Ryan.

 - Same as with Boomer. Known him from my first times at upa2 and always has a smile on his face.

 - Always greetz me with a friendly hello and a warming smile. Cow, like Pot is another of the nicest men you will ever find on the site.

 - Cracks me up.

 - I like what he calls me :) and another who cracks me up.

The Gent
 - Possibly the best billiards player present on the site and one héll of a nice guy too.

 - Exact same kind of guy as The Gent which to be honest, should be a great compliment.

Cool Finger
 - Another who greetz me with a warming "hey m8" which can make a lonely player like me :p feel loved :p

I'm sorry if I havent mentioned anyone but I am in a sort of rush and these are the players who I feel have best made me feel welcome.

Wow! *falls of chair*...*sits back on chair*...I didn't think alot of people would reply to my first topic lol :D Thanks Peachy...I don't really know ya either but u seem pretty cool too and alot of people like ya so thats good! This topic shows everyone that there are actually nice kind funny people on FoD (but there are also sum weird aliens on here too especially the person that was stalking me the other day...U know who u are!) 

London Lady ™ :) 
Oh Ya i knew i'd remember some....

 - For being the most awesome moderator there is, ;) She's also a female so whats that gotta say boys? lol jk. Besides her being a great female moderator she is also a very sweet lady. 

 - For all those late night REUC tourneys and being a great friend. Thank You.

- Another very cool Moderator who hasn't let the power go to his head or get kick happy. Also cause you haven't told anyone my little secret name ;)

-Awesome essay writer and a good guy all around. Just as long as you stay on his good side;) Wonder where the good ol Mr.Bishi is lately. Anyone seen him around?

Well thats it for now till i can think of more. 
i know who i for got im sorry donna66 i for got you but you are a good friend tooo me. if i forgot any one els just tell me please thank you
peachy mr bishi is in [b[HAWAII 
 no doubt laying on the beach, with a couple pints checking out the scatily clad ladies! lol. anyways maybe he'll be back soon.
peachy mr bishi is in 
 no doubt laying on the beach, with a couple pints checking out the scatily clad ladies! lol. anyways maybe he'll be back soon.
Here’s my list, 

 because she makes me laugh and sending me MILLIONS of emails.

 for…er…being newkie

 because she’s a cool mod and she listens to me complain all the time

 he lets me go on and on and on about nothing particular

 he always laughs at my jokes

blue prince
 coz he’s Italian

Mr Bishi
 he always makes me laugh

 for always saying hihi

Angelic Babe
 I always watch her games when I’m bored and she doesn’t complain

Sad Eyes
 for being nice

 dunno why he’s on here, he never shuts up about going to Ibiza, still he’s cool

 only really just met you, but you seem nice

hey, i have an idea, lets create a post that sucks up 2 ppl, a bit like this one!!!
 4 just being u!
 4 alwayz sayin hi & 4 your uncountable probs:)!!!
 4 alwayz sayin hi & 4 being friendly:)
 cos ya really funny hun & v cheeky:)
 4 being u...
 4 being v. talented  & kind - makin sigs 4 every 1    sowwy if i forgotton any 1 :p   

            ~*~louise *~*
scotty for always saying hi to u :p
Just add another to my list...

 coz he's nice, and I beat him 3 times today...;)
tnx peachy n tazz 4 ur kind words :p

as much as i`d like to reply 2 this topic i think my reply would fill 2 pages ;) as i cant say much wrong with anyone that i know on flyordie your all a great bunch of guys n gals and i thank you all for all the great times :)

Pot ;)
Mossy- he is god

Peachysweet- for always letting me beat her, even though im better.  (thanks for putting me)

i like boobs - hes cool

rocket- bc u r ray reardon

jimmy- bc u r the best 

lee- for being a dancing queen

hey, i got a couple people i'd like to add to this little hall of fame we've got going here.  First of all, Sad_Eyes because she is a wonderful friend and is completely unpredictable!!!lol.  Second of all, AnGELuS, Matteo you are funny as heII in school and if it weren't for you, i would never have known about this website (don't get too drunk tonight, you'll hangover will be killing you in the morning lol). And last but certainly not least, Fletchonius, Fletch you crack me up and when we get drunk at Shaun's or Brad's where ever you go absolutely nuts and make me laugh sooooo hard.  If i forgot to mention anyone on here i'm sorry, but it's 4:00 in the morning!
Thanks alot 
London Lady ™
 for the nice things ya said about me!

My List of 
 Players on FoD would be:

Ima Tryin
 - A True Lady, who is a Brilliant laugh and a Dam Good Player, "the total package"!

 - A Good Mate, and an Excellent Player

 - One of the Funniest Guys you will ever have the pleasure to play, He's totally MAD! and a TOP Player 

Pocketking & Bibi
 - Always Polite and happy, 2 Really nice People, a pleasure to know

London Lady
 - A true English rose, and an Excellent 8-Ball Player, who i still haven't beaten yet!

 - In my view, the BEST Player there is on FoD by along way! He's also a Top Guy. 

Other People who are a Pleasure to know and Play are:

Darthvader - Scanner_Man - Dreamer76 - Dj2Pac - Pipo - MrNICEguy - Lil K - Getty - Madxbri - liamp - << SOUND >>
Natio - Big_Bob and a few more

well 3 votes.......not doing 2 bad:)  am i?
outa 125 ppl who go on here!!!!! and i get 3 votes :(.......yea im doing bad lolz
I would like to add SemperRight to the hall of fame because he added me and I would also like to add Sad_Eyes because she is cool to hang around with. Oh and Luna because she is cool.
anyone noticed we all nearly picked the same ppl?

Could I please add one?

coolcanuck - For being such a great internet friend and a good sport
im a newbie here but i played some1 at chess called MENFIS, he is a proper diamond geezer and some1 i think called KXBI she wuz alright 2