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My Return
My Return
My Return
As you are all aware, i was away for a very long time due to a death in the family.

I will return to active crowbar duty on monday :)

Sorry to hear about the death in the family but glad to see you back V!
Good to hear that you will be returning soon.

But, Megamole, r.i.p, and Hot Old Lady think that maybe you should not rush back so quickly. You might pull a muscle lugging all those crowbars around  ;)

welcome back, :)
darn r.i.p was so close :p...lol will be waiting your return :D 
yay V :d

ria :p
Sorry to hear about your loss V, but welcome back and cant wait to see you visiting all my houses :(.

My Condolences V, but welcome back.
sorry to hear about ur family v :(, but welcome back. :)
my condolences to you and your family V. and I look forward to our chats again.
sorry for your loss V but welcome back to larkiland:)
sorry for your loss V but welcome back we've been missing ya:-)

The Youngest Robber In Town
Let me echo the thoughts of many, Welcome Back & Sorry for Your Loss. 

Dolphin of Blue

Always Swimming Around Larkinor