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Remember the WTGs?
Remember the WTGs?
Remember the WTGs?
Temple complete.
WTG, all the rest of us contributors!

~esme  ;)  

i built near 4k to finish the temple and u didnt even mention my name
WTG Monty!

PS. does anyone know if Clown3.0 showed up in chat last night? a little bet going on...
I wonder why the builders get the congratulations, but the people who actually collected the nubs get no mention.
'Cause life is just so unfair D.
Thank you esme :D.  And Mont is right, without him we may still be working on that temple. :p And to D, I respect the fact that your characters are able to earn so many nubs, but it seemed every nub during the late stages of building was at 4k - 5k each on the markets.

Lots of people contributed so much of their time and money to this so lets just be glad its done :^O

No more forgetting insurance or having to haul aqua dyes to the market from Larki. :)
Nub prices were so high due to the fact that the Thursday before it was complete i built in nearly 3k and was buying up everything 3k and under.  I also placed about 500 or so into the Fortress due to the fact that when i logged in on Friday the Temple had been complete. Thanks for the mention...

5thursday night was bad for nub transfers pyra i ppl were buying the single one iw as dropping before it even dropped.
Everyone who put in a sizable amount of buildings stones is greatly appreciated, Pyra. :D Thank you for your help on the temple.
to ALL who helped in clearing the square and building the temple!!
Whoo hooo!!!
Now get some good illnesses and make use of it!

You might want to check out the Top Builders you will find 5 of my character are in the top 15.  I have another 3 in the top 100 on my other login. You may not hear a lot from me.  I fight and build everyday at least 3 - 6 hours on TA. But I believe before you thank folks for contribution you do your home work.  

Dolphin of Blue

Always Swimming Around Larkinor
dolphin, i thank you for your help on TA.  but i'd like to point out a few things to you...

you don't come to chat anymore (at least not when i'm there, which is fairly often), and you hadn't posted on forum for the last two months.  these are most people's two main sources of others' accomplishments.  not many people check the toplist on a regular basis.

so in my opinion, if you want more recognition than seeing your own name on the toplist (i.e. to see it on posts like this), either come in chat once a week to say hi, and fill us in on how larki life is going for you, or post to the TA hall of fame or other similar posts occationally with your accomplishments.  having five builders in the top fifteen is quite a feat!

so i don't mean this to be taken in a rude way... just letting you know my opinion on why you weren't mentioned in the thread.

Well I certainly seem to have set the cat amongst the pigeons.  This is the first post that I heartfeltly wish I hadn't made. Regrettably.
>WTG, all the rest of us contributors!  
That part seems to have got lost in the umbrage taken.
It was my intention to congratulate all of us who contributed to the temple completion.
Yes, updating the building threads does give the players who post a higher profile than those who's only  recognition is in the Top List for Construction.
As the 'post in question' related only to building the temple-referral to the Top List wasn't applicable.
As Monty 
 post-I apologize for the overlook.
Pyra, dolphin and any other unsung heroes-congratulations on your achievements!