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Get well wishes for D
Get well wishes for D
Get well wishes for D
I regret to inform you people of larkinor that Demonolithslayer has been involved in a hit-and-run, and he wasnt in the car.

He is currently in hospital with a broken leg, and doctors say he will be there for approximately 2-3 weeks.

I will keep you guys and ladies posted on his progress back to clicking business.
my thoughts and prayers will be with for a speedy recovery... 

hope ypu get betyter soon D, noty gonna be the same withiut ya!

Yikes!! hope they find the person who did it. 
Sending prayers and healing vibes D's way.

Get well quick D won't be the same without you.
was it a bike? jk... hope u heal quickly

Ouch... bet that hurt... well on the bright side my houses are a tiny bit safer
Good luck on recovery, Hope you get well soon. And GL and your in my prayers.

Charm, Grace and Class,
Hope you get well soon D.Larki isn't the same without you:-(

The Youngest Robber In Town
Ok whoever is passing messages to D I have one word for him and you don't even have to tell him who said, he'll know.


Hope to see ya soon.
hope you get well soon :)

will be prayin for ya.

I hope u get well soon d, talk to ya soon
demon my friend i wish you get better quickly and see u soon and if you need anything dont hesitate to ask me.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Best wishes on a complete and speedy recovery Demon, you know my thoughts on / dealings with idiot drivers.

Thoughts are with you from down south.

Well he says thanks to all the responses so far, i went up and nothing different to last night.

He told me to watch out for you, Holly ;).
Hope ya get better fast,Larki less fun having no one to chase:(.Best of luck to ya.

Just found the post :$ in my defence i was on hols :p

anyways all the best babe;) 
ria :p