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First ever Tanx video
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First ever Tanx video
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First ever Tanx video
I assume this is the first. It's a screen recording of me dueling UaG_Greenpeace.

.wmv File Format:


go to the link, then it says MEGAUPLOAD-Please enter ''' here:____ Download. Enter the letters in, click download, wait about a minute and then you can start downloading the video.

.Avi File Format:


the .avi file is much better video quality, and its also a bigger file size. In order to play a .avi file, you need divx video player, which can be downloaded at www.divx.com. Most people should be able to play the .wmv file, since windows media player comes with Windows OS. If you do not like Eminem or R@p, then turn off your speakers cause thats the music i used. Enjoy ;)

Thats cool but if you can ..can you try to upload into youtube..ty
You may want a spectator to record. After all, whenever you play and record yourself, the movements are jerky. Plus, I don't know but there may be video recording lag.
good point rebel, but a spectator recording wouldnt be the same. having to follow the 2 tanks around...plus they could be on opposite sides of the map making it hard to record both players at once. 

about the recording lag, it can be edited out. This duel was 8 mins 30 seconds long, i cut out over 4 minutes of it. 

thx for watching it guys :) good to see some people like it. 
Good job catchme cant wait for ur next :D... oOo
could u post the link of where u got ur screen recorder


search in software for camtasia
kinda weird watching others play...cuz i've never seen it b4.  maybe i should post one of mine :-D...but i'm very bad now...
Nice memories for a "i a time" Awesome game! :)