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How come...
How come...
How come...
... the larkinor forum is not moderated like the others? Is it because you guys chat so much that the mods would have to care about actually moderating the forum? Yeah right, let's see how long before this gets removed.

Before it does, can someone give me an idea about the type of people who usually play Larkinor? As in, what groups would it appeal to? I have a couple of family members looking for new ways to use their PCs for amusement, and was wondering if this is a game for them.
ok the forum is moderated it is watched by all players and the mods if anything untoward is on the forum its reported then deleted
as for ppl who play we all come from different backgrounds. it is a long term game and text based so yes they need to read :p really all i can say is get them to take the tour and see for themselves;) 
Ria's right, the forum is moderated, you just don't see it much because we're so well behaved in general:d

there aren't really Groups per se in larki, it's more like a community. and as far as children and chat, if they are polite and mind the rules, most everyone will be helpful and supportive and protective of the younger players. my own kids play occassionally, and i trust them in chat because i know the people in there will be good to them.

however it is a kind of complex game for younger children, you may want to try it yourself first to see if they could handle it, and maybe be able to help them get started;)
>however it is a kind of complex game for younger children

I wasn't thinking for children, but for adults :p - would someone who likes Zelda find this interesting? I think that she is looking for an alternative to playing MSN games.

>Ria's right, the forum is moderated, you just don't see it much because we're so well behaved in general

Yes, I have often peeked in to see what you all talk about, and am impressed by the behaviour. In the other forums posts have to be 
 by a mod, but unfortunately they don't check as often as we would like. Now it's difficult to have normal discussions :|
if you like zelda or d&d u will like this game
Thanks, she loves Zelda (not D&D I would imagine). If this game has the same "cuteness" factor, then I should suggest it to her.
There was a previous thread about what are you in RL.  Lots of different pep's play this game around the world and in languages other than english.  Search ?
Fil be
Lusha is right, we are a very well behaved group. :)
That is for several reasons, one is our chat is very G-rated and the Mods have a benevolent dictatorship.  We allow them control, and many of us help out with a multitude of SSs or have a mod on our MSN and can get one in here quickly.  A few even have telephone numbers for mod, I myself know two of them, used to be three but alas.......
Anyway as far as this game goes it is pretty much totaly text orientated and I would say the cuteness factor is hovering around zero.  There are a few monsters that I regret having to kill but for the most part no cuteness.  I have also found that like many video/computer games it is definatly more male centered.  There are very few female avatars to choose from, there are female monsters I thouroughly enjoy killing and would like to give them a gift certificate to a good clothing store.  One of the missions is totaly distateful to a straight woman.  There are very few, hmmm no make that NO male monsters that I find "interesting".  
All that said I have been playing Larki a long time and for me I think the social/chat aspect of it is what keeps me coming here.  I appreciate the intelligent, civilized, funny, and sometimes silly chat, as well as the nice people that play.  
i'll put in my two cents too...
i've been playing for a bit over a year... come in at leaset a few times a week, and aim for almost every day.  it's a very addicting game if you get into it.  but it's also extremely challenging, if you are in it for the long term.  it is designed as a long-term game, which i really like.  and like some have said, it's a text-based game.  mind you, once you get going (after a week or two), you won't have to read too much.  but there's a lot of different options for character types, and what to do as you go through the game.  i'll keep playing for quite a while.
I think that maybe it's not for her... but I am almost tempted to try myself :p

How much time do you need put into the game each week?

Thanks for all your replies, they have been useful.
not counting the first week of playing (when you'll probably need to invest double the time to get used to the game), i'd estimate if you have one non-sub account (which can have 4 characters), it would take an average of an hour a day to keep up on your clicks.  if you subscribe, probably closer to an hour and a half (because you get more daily clicks).
of course, if you really get into some of the small details, and do all kinds of time-consuming things, those numbers could be higher.  and if you have a really fast computer and internet connection and figure out what you're doing quickly, they'd be lower.
but if you can't give up 5-10 hours a week, you don't have to keep up with the clicks.  you can just play when you have time, and let your char's clicks 'max out' when you don't.  as long as you sign in at least once every 6 months (i think that's the number i've heard), you won't lose your char's or your account.  so you just pick up where you left off.
I don't think there is a limit to how long before they delete your account. My account managed to make it from the end of '04 to May of this year, but of course I popped in once in a while.

It's a really fun game for any age group that can read and understand level II basic math (division and multiplication) or knows how to operate a calculator.