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Bug in larkinor :(
Bug in larkinor :(
Bug in larkinor :(
account name ria.h when any of my chars enter a building nothing happens.
i refresh and log back in the char has entred the building . I try to buy 20 crowbars nothing happens:( so i log back in :p getting the picture :p
when ive loged back in char has bought the crowbars. I f i try to do anything other than leave the building the game stops. I have tried changing chars as well yet still nothing is happening. Once my char has left the building all is fine. I have tried it with my other chars as well and it's the same for them. 
I have also tried it with my other account :( same thing 
anyone else experincing the same problem?
If not am i missing something?
ria :p
the only building i have found ok is the market :(

i had this problem the other day while playing at work.  any time i tried to enter a building, or do anything in a building, the game would freeze on me.  i would just refresh the webpage, and the action would be performed.  a day or two it was later, it was fine, so i never figured out what the problem was, and just survived for the one or two days refreshing the webpage every time i needed to.
all seems to be fine now :d
lets hope that was a little glitch :p
i froze in the casino a few weeks ago, i found that once i cleared my cache the game ran fine... maybe try that next time

I already had b4 i made the post. This wasnt quite the same as when the game freezes because your cachee is too cluted. everything else was working the way it should with no lag;)
it was just entering and performing actions in various buildings.

seems to describe exactly the problems i had one day last week too ria
I had the same problem last week, too. In frustration, I finally just gave up for the day. I haven't had the problem since so I figured it was a transient glitch.  Let's hope.
The same thing happens to me at work.  I thought it was the version of Java, but suspect it may have something to do with the clamp down on people watching the World Cup Soccer at work.  Larkinor works perfectly fine at home or if I use dialup on my laptop.