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vanishing antiballast? :-(
vanishing antiballast? :-(
vanishing antiballast? :-(
i'm pretty confident that my guy hasn't died in a while, let alone twice in a row, the second time not having insurance.  and even when i do die, it's habbit to sit in chair and go straight to temple for another insurance.
i haven't done any missions for weeks with him.
and whenever i overload and drop multiple items, i always double-check to make sure i haven't clicked the antiballast box.
yet i just noticed my pack was more full than it should be after selling stuff, so i looked through what i had in my pack to find there was no antiballast!
so either my mind is going crazy (or always was crazy), or something odd has happened, causing me to lose it.
regardless, i have now lost my second antiballast, in just over a year of playing 2 (and sometimes more) accounts.
--jason (saying goodbye to 1 of the 29.6 mil from his market account :()
I can ask that the disappearing anti ballast be looked in to, if you wish, but I need to know which char.

correction... 1.25 mil, not 1 mil :p

You tell Stingy Fano to transfer a little sum to the King's account. You find the transaction costs a little too much...
"Hmmm, I see you were a fool and lost your antiballast. However, you have been very loyal to Larkinor. So I will replace it. Try not to lose it again, they are expensive to replace!" the King says.

thanks ralph, but it's not that big of a deal.  my mind may have slipped, even though i've died, bought insurance, and dropped things hundreds, if not thousands of times, and never had this problem before.
and even if it wasn't me, but a glitch, i'm not hard-pressed for money.  if it was my first antiballast, and i didn't yet have another mil, i'd really want it figured out.  but i don't have a problem just replacing it.

if you do want to have it looked into still, it's "who's da man" on this account.  but like i said, it's not necessary (unless it happens again some time soon :p)

Jason, this happened to my digger last week. What I reckon happened is that while in that dig, dig and discard fugue I accidently chucked out the antiballast and didn't even notice until I went digging again and my loads were filling too fast. I positively 
did not
  die at any time without insurance! I wear my antiballast now!

~Esme  :p  
yes esme, i realize that dumping stuff always has the possibility of accidentally dumping the antiballast too.  but i said in my first post, i actually double check every time i dump stuff to make sure i haven't selected the antiballast.
and yes, my digger wears his antiballast too :p  in fact, that's all he wears :o  unless he's in a mission, then he wears normal stuff.
I've always worn my anti-ballast, that way nothing can get rid of it, and it's well worth the 12 or 13 protection I give up in the boot slot.
I had the same thing happen to Trand, i Know he didn't die without insurance, but i logged in one day and he had lost Everything:( including well over 200 what'sits. it was months ago tho.
never thought of that lusha... my pack wasn't empty, and i hadn't lost anything else.  so i must have dumped it accidentally (if it was me and not the game).  because i haven't done missions with him for almost a month, so it can't be that either.

and bywho, right now it may be worth it to you to give up 12 or 13 protection... but think of high 30's when protection gets up near 50!  also, by then you're making enough money that the 50 protection is much more worth it, and risking losing 1 mil silvers is an acceptable bet, though if you play carefully, you'll never have to pay another mil.

Do you think it's possible that you lost it because you had too many different items in your pack?

Remember how if you have too many different items then you start loosing items that are at the bottom of your backpack?  Well it's possible that if your antiballest was the bottom item then that's what you'd loose.  

Though I'm not sure if there are enough items that are higher then the antiballest on the list for it to be possible?

Just figured I'd offer up an unlikely but possible explination.  



P.S.  I really wanted to reference a post Sandy made on the 12th of Sept called 
Overloading the Backpack
, but I don't know how you paste in links here....*sigh*

i do recall that post sash.  and that is possible.  i thought i had mentioned that possibility already.  likely either a "pack too full" incident, or an accidental drop.
yes i have had the same problem. I was really excited eb become a citizen and use the antiballast (not that u coudl actualy use it), but when i went into the general store (candle icon) i saw that the antiballast could be sold for like 10k silvers or something. From there on, i vowed not to sell my antiballast, but the strangest thing happened. I didn't die and it somehow disappeared
huh ? u could sell your antiballest :O how ? 
this is not possible u probally discared your antiballest while overloaded ;)

No, you cannot sell your anti-ballast.  It doesn't even show as a sellable item.