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News on updates.....
News on updates.....
News on updates.....
Since April, equipment (items+armor+weapons) is available up to level 91 and enemies are available up to level 94, while enemy army members are available up to level 100. If you do not get items/enemies above level 75, then it is a bug and should be reported to us. Please note, there are no current plans to develop the game further in terms of levels. Enemies+equipment up to level 100 are likely to be added at a later stage though, but level 100 will remain the maximum achievable level. (Characters reaching the maximum level will remain playable to be able to reach other goals available in the game.)

this is good new funny it wasnt mentioned before now
Clans are being worked on. I don't know of any deadline we promised other than as soon as possible.I do not know what the "Table" is, so do not expect it on TA. Please note, the Hungarian and English versions of the game do not share any common bases any more other than the name of the game.New missions will be available in the near future.

i hope this has settled alot of peoples questions for now!
so mad, if there is no table, are we going to have tons of leftover nubs?  or is there a different building on TA which will be requiring a ton of stones?  also, do you know anything about an altar?
i have no idea jas....sorry! i was just passing on a message i got back from FoD 
alright, thanks for the info :)
Thanks for info Mad.
On the 1 hand, good news that lvls up to 100 will be available. Will take a while for anyone to get there. However, I still don't get it...how can there be no plans to go higher?  Makes no sense - what happens in a  year or two - the top 50/100/200 or so players are all exactly the same level?  And all you do is fight the same monsters month after month after month? Sounds worse than work - at least there I can dream of a promotion. Yuck.
well ade, we've got up to 100.  that's good news, yes.  so we'll go with it now, and then in a year or two when people close in on 100, then we start asking for more again :p

and if that is actually as high as it will go, then i guess pvp's in higher lvl's may start happening more frequently, because everyone will be the same lvl ;)

but if/when clans do come out, that will keep people busy for many months, as well as TA (which yes, can get boring), and lvl'ing up to 100.  it'll keep us busy for a while, and that's good enough for now.

Before we get all excited here with '100 lvls', Veriac was asked for the 'official word' and the post went unanswered.  Now we have the report of a response to message sent to FoD.  I would prefer to see what FoD has to say through 'official' channels.  Let's remember, Slim had to jump up and down to get the monsters added when he got into the higher levels - I don't remember anything about a release that would have given him monsters to lvl 100. Maybe this is all so, but I won't want to get excited about second hand promises of what FoD is going to do.
i made up to lvl 91 p's weapons
LOL, I'm w/ rebanne, I want to see it from the top, but if its true...I'm HAPPY :).

Larkinorians i got a message back from l******r@flyordie.com if you have any problems contact them...