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Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy B-day to my little Bro.  
Surprise I didn't forget!
Mant many more to you.

Your loving sis,
PS for a bribe of the best armor for Jael I will tell how old he is LOL
HAPPY B-Day Ralphie!!! And many more to come, so exactly what is the conversion in dog years????  Have a good one, sit back relax and enjoy the day.

Catch you in chat soon....Niho
Happy Birthday Ralphie.....

I'm betting you're still a pup ;)

Happy Birthday Ralph :D ... how does 1 mill sound Smurfie :p

Happy Birthday Ralphie!!! I won't say anything else because I remember what happened when I commented on the last birthday :|
Happy Bday ralphie,
 *cheers to a great friend*

can we keep ya around for another 50 odd years?:p
happy b day u old dog ;)

ria :p
Happy Happy Birthday, Ralphie...  And here's wishes for another great year!

So, lets begin it the right way with a well earned ear scratch.  (Just try to refrain from thumping your back foot on the floor too hard while I'm scratching.)

Smiles,  :) :D
Happy B-day, you old dog, you. Ear scratches and tummy rubs for you today.

happy birthday ralph... a day late, but what can you do when you're internet-less for the weekend :p  hope you had a good one.
Happy B Day Ralphie :D
;-) an happy Fathers Day as well :D

Happy Birthday ralphy!

For A Robber Near You
a lil late but
hope the party was great!!!!!

<cheers for our doggy!:p

lol now why did that came there;\
hope you have a wonderful day with loads of presents;)
Now I am sorry to bring back old post but I want to be up to date and give the mutt a happy birthday lol:)
(half a month away but hope ya had a good day):)