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Honesty Is The Best Policy
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Honesty Is The Best Policy
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Honesty Is The Best Policy
im Drizzle5  // FtwNinja5     // SpeedCat   //  Owen //     Leonardo    //   Dream Talker   //    Super_Mario //     SOD_Mario    ////   Hero  //    Ftw_Hero  //  Nightcrawler   //  Wolverine  //   Ancient Elf   // X-Head Cannon //  

i think i had 2-3 others.. but forgot.   i honestly dont truly think it matters who i am or who i was.. cause you know its a game.. we dont know everyone personally anyways.. basically just by their nick.  and people who hated me on ninja5 nick, or hated me on hero nick.  im friends with you guys on  mario nick. so its quite funny how that works..   so yea.. im all those players.. and all of them have been banned or deleted. except for 2.  i really love playing tanx, so dont criticize me for this or anything.. i just want to play. please. i brought all the attention on myself. and im sorry.. i just want to play now. just like a normal person, talk with people.. make cyber friends, and just have fun.  so can we let this go?  thats all i ask.  im tired of all that swearing and bringing down others.. i just freakin wanna play:)    im no good with words, so i hope you realize what i mean by all this. okay no more rattling on about this.. im done.

you guys basically knew who i was all along. so thats always good.  whats funny is kobe was always wrong.. cause i talked to him on msn and he got all confused lol. but on here he always was right :( dang it.  oh well.. i saved some hilarious convos with him on msn.  i honestly think hes a meantally retarded foreign
Hero your always been a big liar. Your not Dreamtalker. I still talk dreamtalker in msn. I NEVER Talked u on Msn u liar get life dude. Dreamtalker is one of my bestfriends in tanx in 2003. Your just noob banker kid u started in 2006. Stop man noone wil believe your lies anymore...

i said i made a nick dream talker.. not that i am.   and yes..  i have your freakin msn email .. im loooking at it actually. we've talked kobeeeeeeeeeee

wow im surprised you spelt your comment well.  yay

traperfect@hotmail.com   so yea..  who lies? good one.  

YEah but i never talked to u hero u liar I swear i never talked to u dont make lies kiddie who are you trying to joke?;\ get a life dude dont make lies that i m talking to u whatever i post my msn on forum everytime so everyone knows my msn get a life kiddie dont make lies ur not dresmtalkter hes true general ur just a banker :$
No i havent...WHy would i wanna lie about u talking to me? YOU NEVER talked to me on msn your not on my list ur just saying that cuz u think ill be ur friend dude ur ugly go kill urself lmfao.
kobe, seriously dude..  you really lie and tell stories when you're vulnerable to being made fun of.. or if you're in the wrong.  you and i both know for a fact that we've talked before.. and i seriously dont understand why you are denying it, but whatever man. you can say all you want. cause noone belives you anyways.   haha i cant believe you're lieing when you and i both know we have talked on it before..   you're so scared of everything.. and afraid to be vulnerable, so you hurry up, panic.. and start trying to cover things up.    ive officially figured you out.  how you live, and how you act towards things.. :) 

heres a little ss of you offline. and no its not a fake so dont even bother.  i marked out my friends.. so you dont add them and harass them. im sure you will complain or say something stupid about the screenshot.


 thanks for basically ruining this topic of mine.. and going way off subject.  too bad mods dont have a button to make kobe diaf.   ( die in a fire ):D

i shouldnt even bother arguing or even talking with you. cause you're just a poor foreign that plays in the dirt all the time, or on the computer. 

"When You're True To Yourself, Positive Things Come Your Way"            
                |------- try it kobe. 

ahh you made me repeat myself like 4 times.. 
heres little kobe online  


heres kobe and i talking a bit..  i told you i was right

     haha look at his d/p too.. its like a girl picture.

this is kobe going on and on. you get the point. i wa right


then he blocked me..      and kobe, dont even say they're fake. cause you know they arent..  you cant cover this up. not the time fool.  

roflmfao..? We talked on msn today and u said that but i didnt say that you liar anyone can edit a pic especially on msn your just some kid who seriously needs get a life and stop tryina look cool. And i blocked u cuz i dont like u and i never wanna a talk to u just leave me alone kiddie...
why should we believe you kobe?    you tell me to get a life..  when you always copy nicks and try to be them on forums..    

ur foreign .. so you have no life. so yea.. i guess you would do all this stuff.
LMFAO! "WE" Hero, Noone likes you. I dont go to tanx anymore you all are losers with no life. "Foreigner?" Coming from an American like you? LMFAO...