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quest 11
quest 11
quest 11
ok i dunno how to beat quest 11 its the one with the goblin army so what level do u have to be to beat it or r u just supposed to avoid the goblin regiments or is there some special way to beat goblin regiments cause i went in my last mission like 5 levels ago and beat it easy i just dont get this and im a level 16 so i dunno tell me if ive got awhille to go or what to do????????????
There is a helpful tool on this forum called "Search".
Try using it.
Try searching for "Quest 11" or "Mission 11" or "Goblin regiment".  You'll soon see that this exact question has been answered many times already.

Have a nice day. :)
use the maps on www.larkinorguide.com to figure out a way to aviod the goblins...

Also the this is a very good help site...