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leaving larkinor for a while
leaving larkinor for a while
leaving larkinor for a while
hi all,
i have decided to leave larki for a short while as stuff has been catching me up and stuff at work has becoming even more hectic so have decided to share my diggers money with whoever wishes to take it. i will be coming in again tomorrow so if u wish to take some of the money(over 100mil). the first person on the list who asks for some money will get the greater share until it is all gone.20mil will go to monty in the writing contest as i believe its a very nice thing to do thank u monty.
so to finish off please dont let this money be a waste because i do not want this money to be wasted either
Hey, I won't turn down free money. Sign me up? :)
yes thank you for answering my post blue and ull be sure to get some of it:)
Sorry to see you go, YD. I hope it is only to catch up in RL and not as permanant as giving away all your digger's money seems to be. Anyway, good luck to you and your "computer cat".

Esme :)
i could do with a few mill... but seeing as those multi millionairs beat me to it i might not get anything? :(
Wow!! Sorry to see anyone leave the game. Hope things get right in your home life.

Life 1st, games 2nd Yellow.  I respect your decision.  I would like to recommend that some of the upper level regulars offer names of promising new players, to give them a little bump.  If that's good with YellowDragon.

thanks a lot u guys for responding to my message and as of tomorrow if u will please come into chat so that you could get yr fare share of the money.ill be in at bout 2pm GMT+2 if u guys can work it out.to make it easier it will be noon in England
Thanks YD.
No payment necessary for me. 
come back as soon as ya can!
thank you moonliter nice to meet you:)

We'll miss you!!  Sorry rl is interfering with the important stuff. :p  Hope you can come back soon!

Hope you find time to be able to pop back and say hi every now and again. I wish you all the best in RL and in the future.

If you need help re: your visit to England later this year feel free to get my details off of someone in chat and I'll be happy to help (will try and be online sometime around 12 but may not be able to).

KmS :)
Hi Yd, been nice getting to know you in the past few months, good luck in your future life endeavours.
I am new and haven't got a clue what's going on except I seem to keep getting my butt kicked.  if you got any money left to give, I could use some.  I could use some advice as well.
YD, sorry to see you go, but I understand the pressures of RL. Of course, your account will still be here, so maybe you can still post in the forum once in a while to let us know how you are. Best of luck and hope to see you around Larki sometime in the future.

alpie (no need to give me money)

I got Pixie's msg and i will add you as soon as i get home.  Hope all goes well and you do keep in contact.  Worst case you can always create a newb monster on larkiguide and leave a msg there lol.  Take care good friend and be safe!

Pyratic  (no payment necessary for a friendship valued)
Hey YD,

    I understand how work can stack up -- been thinking of easing back a bit myself.  Hope you find the time to come back and visit from time to time.  Take care,

Hi YD,
sad that you are leaving even if not forever but I hope you'll come back soon!

For A Robber Near You
Sorry to see u go keep in touch to let us all know how u r getting on take care YD ;)

ria :p

I completely understand how RL can get overwhelming (as demonstrated by my practical non-existance in chat anymore)  :(

Hope you can get things worked out and come back soon.


PS: definitely don't need your money, just wanted to wish you the best.  :)
Oh  No YD i never thout id see this day wen u willl leave :( u will be missed :(:(:(

Uh... he left before you even registered.  Why are you dredging up this ancient thread?


im simply expressin my feeling why do u have to start something woman
uhh logan a few things about that...

1. it is clear you dont play much larkinor, or you would know Sandy is as much a woman as Arnold Scwarzenegger.

2. you are saying goodbye to someone you didnt know, countless people have left the game. 
I will also be starting a fund to buy logan some punctuation.


> Sandy is as much a woman as Arnold Scwarzenegger.

Uh... he may have the 
 "maleness" edge when it comes to muscles (I've only won the Mr Olympia contest 6 times), but I'm quite sure I've got the edge in other areas (you know... the side effects of [url=
/url] and all).  I'd best leave it at that.