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Petition for updates
Petition for updates
Petition for updates
I have played english larkinor since feb 2005, hung larkinor for quite a bit longer. It has been 6 months since our last new mission (king's mission 50-dec 2005). It has been nearly 1 year since a major update (thord artin june 15th 2005). I really like this game, but it is becomming quite repitive with nothing new to do for such a length of time. Some say go fight on ta I do that, but even that gets on the repitive side after a year of doing it. We have other issues as well like the highly likely scenario of alot of the top players being forced to stop because of the non level updates(75+). I know that the person(s)that program for the game has a family and that is more important then this, but if you do not have the time to do any updates why not pass that responisbilty off to someone else that can until you can find the time? Iam pleading with anyone that has any sort of power (Dani) to do something at this point ill take a pub mission, a king's mission or clans. If anyone feels the way i do just leave your name I know this will probably do nothing to change anything but the sqeaky wheel sometimes gets the grease and desperate times call for desperate measures.

I thought it was just a new Marketing Strategy - ignore your customers.

Don't know if multiple subs get multiple signatures, but sign me up!

7 Dwarves
i gotta agree with mont, i know dani's busy with family but FoD will only lose money by not updateing anything for awhile

I agree. Even though my highest character is only level 34, I have finished all missions but Atlantis. I find that having nothing new is depressing. I have tried all sorts of things, making high level armour and weapons just for kicks, market watching, making massive amounts of houseparts. 

What we need is something new. With no new missions, no clans, no clear and decisive effort from FoD, what we will see is a mass movement of players to other games. I have seen more then a few players decrease their time in larki, some even stopped coming. Many of them are now playing "the other game". Honestly, I can understand that. Why should they be putting time and effort into a gaming company that does not care to put time and effort into its players?

I've heard time and again that FoD doesn't care about the players, either sub or non. I would like to say I have a hard time believing that, but I have seen it too. With no updates, Larki will lose most, if not all of the high level players. As they go, so will many of the mid-levels as well. See the effect here? This game is great because of the people. When the people go, there will be nothing. 

So, from all three of my Larki subs, please do something, anything, to let us know that FoD will continue to support this game, instead of letting it wither away like so many others have.

Lost Twins

Count me in.

Sasquatch Bob
Yeti 'Gain
Im in too,all 4 of me:D

Add me to the list. I want more larkinor.

Please add me too:

For A Robber Near You
Add me too, even though I am not a sub and only lvl 32.
I like this game a lot and I believe that more features will be added.
I'm all in.

Mr. Rinntr
The Article
Why not :p count me in. Though I'm not holding my breath ... I'd probably suffocate.

and us in also even though my characters are no where near where some of the other peoples are.

count me in:
When I first came to Larkinor, more than a year ago, there were often as many as 101 people logged on to play at any given time. The number of players, especially middle level players, seems to have dwindled. 75-85 now appears to be the max numbers on line at one time-and so many of these are newbies at levels 16 and under!
My highest level char is L40 and she completed Mission 50 at level 35 so ...
I don't want to jump to conclusions but ...
As for the higher level (50 plus) players it must be hugely frustrating waiting for new challanges that just don't come!
All of us have read Sandy's suggestion for even more input from him and considering the hours (days, weeks?)that he has already contributed to the betterment of the game surely a little acknowledgment from FOD would be in order.
So,yes, please put my name on the list.


I agree!!!! Put my name down and countless others i have!!!!

count me in im serriously thinking about renewing my subs at the mo so come on fod take notice :s


Count me in - good post Monty.  And to all the folks in chat - how goes it?  Hope to get back in there soon.

count me -jessito and my other me Jessi2 IN!

I second that... 

I would like to see more things to do.  The endless clicking with no short term goals gets teadious at best.  

Please hear us and release something new.

from both my subs...

i didnt add my accounts
Hi there,

I also find the going a little tedious/repetetive now that most of my chars have finished the missions (& progress on TA is very slow).
My chars:
Maybe it's time to move on, so will not renew my subs unless news soon or something happens by end of summer.

In the name of the Templar of Larkinor,

Nicram Peratum.



Hope we can get more then this!!!

Count me in as well

White Knight 544
Brave Heart 544
White Knight544
Agreed, the game needs more interest for higher level characters. Once a character finishes all 50 missions and is just fighting on TA, there is not much left to get excited about. Montsegur indicated that fighting on TA gets repetitive after a year, I would argue that it gets repetitive after about an hour. As new as I am to this game, I know of many well-known players who have already taken their business elsewhere. Larkinor still has potential to make good money for the owners, but not if they neglect their customers.
Lost Twins
Elusha Romanov
Sasquatch Bob
Yeti Gain

This is a VERY small sample of the people who have left.  The people on this list have either let their subs lapse, or they will soon.  And none of them have any intention of resubbing as of right now.  Having talked with them, the reasons for this are remarkably similar.  Boredom.  An anger or frustration at a company willing to take their money, with little in return.

I know that FoD has alot on their plate.  My opinion is that they should not have added new games if the development staff wasn't able to handle the excisting ones.  Or simply add more staff.   

I also realise that Larkinor is not a huge money maker.  I see several reasons for this.  
1. It's text-based.  
     Ok, lots of Larkonians like this.  It's integral to the game and cannot be changed.  Moving on.
2.  There is a very strict guideline for behavior, both within chat and the forums.
     Again, well liked by most regular Larkonians.  A great thing for any game.  Moving on.
3.  No updates.  No knowledge of updates.  No contact from FoD at all reagrding updates.  (with the exception of the very UNinformative response to SOME of the questions put to Dani earlier this year)
    This also cannot be fixed....oh wait.  Yes it can!

"Exact dates would be misleading, even if estimates only. Mission 51 is next on schedule and I think it will be available in the Summer."

That's from Dani in June.  Now he does say that he THINKS it will be in the summer.  I personally have not heard of anyone who has been informed of it being ready, or close to ready even.  I completely understand that there is an enormous amount of data to be translated from Hungarian.  But let me ask this...did FoD not know the code would be in Hungarian when they bought it?  Seems to me they would have to have known, and had a plan for translation and implementation at that time.  

Also from Dani...
"Clans are being worked on. 
Flyordie is working on many things and to say it nicely, Larkinor is not the most popular game."

Worked on?  That's pretty vague.  I remember seeing a post that said clans were to come out Christmas...of 2005.  And another one where the timeline said March.  It's now almost October.  Where are clans?  Oh yes.  They are being "worked on".  That could easily mean talking about how it should be done after such-and-such is completed.  For all we know, "worked on" means 10 minutes a week.  

I like how I am sitting here quoting Dani saying Larki isn't the most popular game....And watching a fairly interesting ad for Adventure Quest on the top of my Larkinor forum page.  Hmmm...updated weekly.  Wonder why they put that in the add to place in Larki?  Wait a minute, why is it in Larki at all?  I have seen numerous people recieve demarits for talking about other games...and yet FoD puts an ad up for one.  Now that's interesting.

"3.8 Referring to body parts or sexuality"  

While I'm on the topic of ads, that rule is taken directly from FoD rules of use.  Seems to me that alot of the ads break the rules the rest of us strive to follow.  I wonder if FoD staff would allow their own 12 year old children to play while constantly having those images flashed across the screen.

The suggestions and feedback forum hasn't had an official response since May 23.  I am aware that Veriac has been gone for quite awhile, and for good reason, but surely FoD knows this as well.  Yet they don't seem to care enough to put the time into responding.

If you haven't gotten the point yet, what I am trying to say is that FoD has no interest in showing loyalty or support to those who have been loyal to them.  They want our money, but are not willing to put any work into earning it.  

Nothing in life is free.  FoD can no longer take my money and run.  I have taken my business elsewhere.  The game may not be perfect, but at least I know I have new things to look forward to.  But I guess since FoD will never read this as they don't ready any of our posts, they will never know how I feel...Not that they care.

To clear things up a bit, there aren't that many PEOPLE on my little list.  I listed all of their subs to show the amount of money.  Also, please keep in mind that these are just the ones I personally have spoken to about it recently.