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Get to TA
Get to TA
Get to TA
This is an offer for semi-new players to help them get to TA so the clearing of the island goes quicker.  

I will buy your digger a boat.  The stipulations are simple.  You must be a player I recognize, and one I don't worry about quitting. I must not be concerned about you getting banned due to bad behavior in chat.  Your digger must be a minimum of level 20 with at least 40 luck.  You should list all your disprosium, kithrill, centrolium and putty at 50%.  When you have used your digger to buy your fighter a boat, you should buy another player their first boat.  

By buying your digger a boat instead of your fighter, this ensures you will not only have an ample supply of money with which you can build(if you choose), but that you can help others to get to TA as well.  

I am able to help 5 people get to TA right now.  Everyone says they want TA to be cleared sooner.  This is my call to you.  If you wish, join me in this.  If the way I am doing it is not agreeable to you, please find another way to help.  I am hoping that some of the other players who are not struggling for cash will be willing to help, but if not, I'll do what I can, when I can.  

If you are interested and think you meet the criteria, see me in chat.  


Now thats what I call teamwork. That is awesome dude, I would go, but my digger doesn't have enough luck, plus I think I can make it there myself eventually.
Ok, I guess I need to clarify myself.  This offer is for players who are not yet capable of getting a boat on their own.  

I was asked to purchase a boat by a player who has a level 34 fighter already on TA and 3+ million between the market and the bank.  That's just greedy and I am not looking to fund people who are able to make 1 million in two days clicks.  

And ilostmyotherself is NOT a dude. At least not the last time i checked.
Ok, here's the update...BatMasterson has his new boat, wtg Bat.  Baynks and Newbie are just waiting to finish meeting the requirements.  

That leaves two more boats im able to help with.  I also have heard from a few great vets who are tired of people complaining about the slowness of TA being cleared, and are willing to help do something about it.  So that's a few more as well, ty guys:D.

So please, if you are intersted in this, and you are willing and able to fulfill the specifications, come see me in chat.  

*For serious players only.  

I signed myself up for this sort of activity last time it was offered.  I didn't get a single taker then.  But it's a noble cause, so I too will buy boats for any qualified diggers or level 30+ fighters.  



I to will chip in for any level 30+ fighters who are yet to make it to TA. After a year we seem to have made steady but not outstanding progress, recently though there seem to be very few new additions to the TA effort.

Please help us try to move the game on


My main character, Sider is a 32 lvl figther with 3 mil.
I trying to get to 5 mil for buying a boat.

I'm out for a few hours, but if you come to chat at some time I'll sort you out with the last 2 million. (If I'm not there try someone else :p, they may be able to help and if not I can always refund them)

On second thought, thank you but I will get them by myself.
This is all the fun...
well i thought i would update what im doing since tet helped me get to TA...
that place is a gold mine!  my level 20 digger can earn 250,000$ in a 5 minute dig session....and i just figured out that he can steal those 10,000$ nails over there too!  its pretty easy to make $$$$$$ once you get there.
i got my fighter a boat, but he is lvl 29 still and out of clicks...he racked up over 50 kills there, but back in Larki now trying to lvl to 30.  been using too many clicks to get the kills right now.
looking forward to doing some monstology after getting his defense badge.  
my digger got the brass construction badge over there but i wasn't seeing the exp. add up quick enough to justify the work to continue building at this level.  i think he was getting like 1000 exp per huge stone.
thanks for the help tet!