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Brainstorm time
Brainstorm time
Brainstorm time
ok, after browsing the forums for a while after my recent re-arrival it is evident that TA is still quite awhile away from being "done" and someone said that was 10 years away at this rate. So what we need to do is think of ways to reduce this time. Like build the "nessesities" first etc.

So post your ideas here.
The "10 years" estimate is based on the time it has taken us to clear the blocks we have cleared.  That's our bottleneck.

The solution to this is obvious: we need to kill more monsters on TA.  Those dedicated to TA conquests could hardly be doing any more than they are, so it's up to other people to make the decision to switch their fighting activities to TA.

Personally, I would have thought that the higher amount of XP/click available on TA would be a larger draw than what it apparently is.