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Player of the week is back
Player of the week is back
Player of the week is back
that right its back the sections are the same ta accompliment, oveer all improved, player of the week, new player of the week deadline is friday 7est
Well, Monty--I nominate you for finally taking over that number 3 slot in conquest. Congrats and good work.

princessea lvl to 53
rip lvl his robbing by 8 ranks to 380
jimbo lvl to 51 and gained his ruby construction
justintime lvl to 49 and maintained his lead on the top list with the balloon also went though the 100 mill mark on the market
digging a hole made lvl 33

ria :p
Evilrunsamok leveled to 34, got her Platinum Defense Badge, did mission 49, and got mission 50 on the first try.  Good work for 2 days lol.

ok, i can’t remember 2 weeks back, but i can list my accomplishments since this past friday night.  so here’s my list:

only strength reaches conquest 5000, reaches lvl 38, finishes 7 pub missions in one day.

heregoesnothing reaches lvl 39 (all 39 lvls as a non-sub).

only persistance and only speed both reach lvl 36.

simply digging reaches lvl 28 and construction 5100 (final trip was 101 stones, and he can’t build anymore).

and i don't know if this counts towards player of the week, but 1 week ago today marked the 1-year mark from when i started playing larki.  and i also subbed my secondary account within the last week (my first larki subscription).

i think ppl worht being in here....are ppl who are the best 
:P... i dunno how t o do the tongue poking out thing :D
...im stil cool though 

Well, NLP1029 got her Silver and Gold badges in Conquest and Construction today.  PixieDust got her Silver badges...