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Thieving Party
Thieving Party
Thieving Party
While scrolling through the stealing toplist, I noticed that a great many of the top thieves have a high number of clicks to use(mine included).  I was thinking maybe we could get together a large amount of thieves in CC at a specific day/time.  Maybe just once, to see how it goes, or even daily or weekly at certain times.  I know the main reason my thief has so many clicks is that stealing is all she does, and it just seems worthless when there are only a few people in CC.  So all you thieves out there let me know what you think please.  Days and times if you are interested.  Let's give this a shot and see how it works.  :)

I think its a great Idea Tet :) Molekat has LOTS of clix to use.. so many infact that she has resorted to digging recently :|

Mon - Wed between 9a- 6pm Pacific time works for me :D

A thieve's quorem. Hmmmm....we could advance rank more quickly with more 
, so, Yes. A Great Idea! 
Kittin's times work for me.

Tea leaf :p
why not throw the party on TA?  
>>> why not throw the party on TA?

How about not :)
Stealing on TA is NOT what this thread is for.  There are at least two threads that I know of devoted specifically for that purpose.  


you know what i find pathetic jarid oops i mean geo is calling someone pathetic on an internet game. 
I would of course be delighted to meet you in the CC anytime you wish to check my pockets tet :p

KmS (currently feeling pathetic but really wasn't expecting to be told so here :|)

I've already put some thought into this, but have never orderganized a party.  The ideal party size is five: one is you, three are other theives which are still on your "too soon list" (i.e. "You have recently stolen from this person, and decide not to risk another attempt for the moment..."), and the fifth one is your next stealing target.  Each theif then attempts to steal from the same four characters over and over in order, thus never wasting a click on a "too soon" target.  If there are more than five theives in the party, the list (and sequence) of your target names is not only more difficult to remember, it also increases the chances that your next stealing target is not among the maximum of five names of other characaters which are shown to be on your block, thus costing you a refresh click.

Note that to add a name to the "too soon" list (which bumps a name OFF the list to become your next target), the theiving attempt has to be "finalized".  A "finalized" steal is one in which the resulting message was NOT the following: "Your attempt failed. Perhaps you could try again with more success...".  A successful steal or any other type of failure is considered "finalized" and puts the person on your "too soon" list.

All theives in the party should all agree to bring a certain number of expensive items to the party.  The ideal item would be valuable, common and light.  When we were talking about this privately a few weeks ago, Cinder suggested composiums.  If I'm not mistaken, the value of the stolen goods are related to the amount of XP you gain towards your next character level, although the amount of "stealing %" you'll gain will remain unaffected by this.

Finally, all theives in the party have to be able to steal from each other.  I have no idea what the rules are for this, and there seems to be more than one theory around, so unless someone can nail this down, just try to gather characters who all have about the same character level and stealing skill.

well sandy, as usual, you "orderganized" your thoughts well. :P just a thought, it wouldnt have to be in CC, if you wanted to keep a certain number of people around.
Sorry, my bad.  I meant parasitic.

One more time.  That's not what this thread is for.  I ask that anyone wishing to be rude in their disagreements please form a new thred.

How about seven more times, it is parasitic and infantile for the highest level players to prey upon the lowest level characters when the highest level characters also maintain a "gentlemens agreement" not to prey upon the highest level characters.  You hipocrisy is repulsive and a specially virulent form of discourtesy. Considering you behavior this thread can be for nothing if not an opportunity to be rude to others.
I am hoping that you simply misread what I had written.  This post is an invitation for high level thieves to steal from EACH OTHER.  This is not a party to feast upon the rations and quills from the lower level players, but from peers.  

It's clear you don't like the idea.  That's fine.  Each person is entitled to their own opinion.  No one asks that you like it.  It will most likely be posted here when we have decided to do it.  Feel free to stay away.

Don't feel the need to tell us (or me) how dishonourable you think this is.  As long as the people involved are willing, I don't care what you or anyone else thinks about it.  

By the way the thieving has been taking place away from the city centre in order to avoid victimising too many players ;)

I think our first theiven party was a HUGE success :D

It took place at the store in DD between casino's for several hours on wednesday afternoon :)

Everyone was a high lvl theif... and brought over 300k worth of goodies to the party... We then proceeded to pass them around to each other :D and Sandy was good enough to record our exp we got for our steals :D

Ty sandy :D

and Good job guys n gals :D

had Great fun! 

>As long as people are willing

i just read an article online today.  for any who have watched the movie "fight club", you'll known what i'm talking about.  for those who haven't... basically it's an invite-only club where there are no rules for the fighting.  it takes place in a basement, or some other secluded, non-public place.  and people who do this are often business professionals.

the article said that since that movie was released (1999 i think), a number of very similar clubs have started all over north america.  one was recently discovered by police, but they're deciding not to do anything about it.  the reasoning...?  they're all consenting adults, doing as they wish on private property.  if people started complaining, the police said they'd get involved, but that hasn't happened yet.  they say these clubs let people get rid of a week's (or month's) worth of anger or whatever, in a place where the group of people accept it.  prevents them from taking out anger on the streets, and it lets them be more prepared should anyone ever attack them on the streets.

well, after all that... i'm just backing up tet's point.  the thieves who participate are all in agreement of doing this, and they prey on each other, not mass-stealing from helpless victims.  it really doesn't cause the rest of us much harm.  so let them enjoy theirselves.


Theiving Party going on right now in FD at the west port, Bank and pub :D

Bring at least 300K in Goodies and or Cash
and the only other rule is that there is NO revenge!

So Come have fun! and Rack up the stealin EXP :D

Oh an for future referance....

Please copy and past your steals onto a word doc so you can copy an paste into forum at the end of the stealin party.

We would like to see if we can see a pattern in the exp from each steal.  we are posting it under sandy's thread of stealing exp

Thank you all who participated in our second Party!

We will post it here when it's happening LD :)

oh an.... I don't sleep walk.. talk... eat or play comp...



After months of focusing on robbing, Trader is aching to move up the Stealing Toplist a little.  Anyone else up for organizing a party?

I'm good to go from about 10-4 Eastern Tuesday-Friday this week.

Too bad I can't steel anymore. BDSILVIA would have fun at this party! :)

im not as high a lvl as most but im ready to try my fingers at getting into paks affiliate kinda does that on his free time 
times like this i wish i didnt delete fuzzyfuffs :'(...i support your cause tho tet:) 
CCTV Hoodie is up for some light fingered fun :), thursday or friday would be good for me.

digging would love to enjoy a little stealing party fun... seeing how that's probably his only chance at a decent steal (when there's no revenge, just fun in stealing).  i'm good any time sandy is... unless i get busy at work.