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Best of 35 8 Ball Challenge
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Best of 35 8 Ball Challenge
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Best of 35 8 Ball Challenge
Hello every one,

as you might know, I have been playing on names, Shawanda and SterileFruitbat.

Well, I have started to reach a high level of boredom only playing Best of 3/5's so on in 8ball.

So I am now Issuing a challenge for any 8 ball player with rating of 600+ (certian players can have an exception) to a best of 35 game!

If any one wants to take me up on this challenge, please let me know in this forum, then we can set up the games.

ty Matt :D
i think a bo35 game would be great :D... am i first in line:p
Matt, when I'm finished finding out about my mystery ban, I'll take you on. Don't play Pay Bak, he will leave after one. If your on msn anymore, I'll catch you then on the rare days that I remember my password.

Til then my friend, ciao.
yummy :D:D:D

Someone actually worth playing offering up a bo35, im proud o ya son :D

It reminds me of the good ole days wi max and greenie and me playing bo35 in snooker, and then in pro snooker too.

to play bo35 means u seriously need get a life...
Quote from hero :  >to play bo35 means u seriously need get a life

Quote from hero yesterday Tanx forum : Topic : Im hooked.

>>ive tried to stay away from tanx for a bit. and just be on forums.. but i just slowly went back to tanx. god. its addicting.. i try to take time off, but i cant  i just want the mods to ban me., so i can stay away. cause i got stuff to do haha but this is addicting.. 

>>my name is •hero•.. and i have a problem lol

How can you say that when you only posted that yesterday? :D
:p? hows it going lads. ill have some of that this week.im doing this on a psp. DC!
Alrite greenie, scotty ere :p i will give you a few lessons if im on :D, :p/*

Kobe, i made a mistake and i dont want to win 12 championships for you, ive won far more in than 12 championships in System tournys son.
I would...BUT WAIT!!! No I can't because my comp has 10 colours, it has its display settings at 4 bit. Remember the Master System? Well that is twice as good as my computer now. 

What a travesty:(.
Oh look whats fixed:D. Ok Matt I'll play, I guess it has to be that many so I at least have a chance of winning 1:(.
Bo35 Underway :

Scotty Vs Matt...

Lets goooo :p
Right just played 7 games, we leave the night on

Scotty 6-1 Matt. 

Oh and Matt, if you want games it will have to be today I think, I'm out tomorow but might be on for a few mins, but definatly not on friday, and I'm away on holiday on saturday...
Score was 6-1 me,then he decided i was too good for him :|, 7balled him first 2 games yet he goes crazy on msn calling me lucky ;\


Scotty i told you before!

your a good player! but fluking 7 times in 5 games is a f'ing joke! everytime you won from that fluke!

so why would i continue, it would just be a silly score line!
Yummy vs Mossy

Yummy 8 - 5 Mossy

Well played so far mate :P

Well played because your Winning ;)
7 flukes in 5 games? lmfao. Matt learn to take a loss (whoopin), first 2 games i 7balled you. that aint luck ;)
lmfao bo35 you not even worth my time for a rt3 why would i do bo35 :D naa if u insist ill show you a trick or two :)

p.s theres only 1 makaveli on this game, the one going around in forum posts saying hes "makavelli" is a wannabe :)
there is no makaveli on this game sry, biggie smalls and suge knight made sure of that.
lmao makaveli legend np.. im a house hold name everybody knows makaveli.. love me or hate me... youll respect me (H)
naa perm ban is nothin.. ip ban is the key 
lol i have ip ban also but there's only room for one person ip banned in fod and thats me (Kobe) u wannabe :(
lmao u just said "nerd" for being perm banned now you say your ip banned? :( ul blnt :D not even worth my time, this forum isnt worth my time.. half these players and mods not worth my time so this last post from me np :D kobe stick to tanx bud cuz you cant last 2 games in billiards :D
OK Scotty,

You was playing better than me! I haven't said you wasn't, but like I said, you fluked 7 times in 5 games!

Yes you done well in 1 game, when I broke and you cleared (this was a game with no flukes), but the other games had at least 1 fluke in it. 

The rest of the play was class no doubt! Why should I play some one who is playing class, but also fluking, I had no chance.

As for 7balling, no one cares! It is dam easy to 7ball some one, break and clear!

ty Matt
Aight matt but you over-reacted ALOT ;) and i didnt fluke 7 balls in 5 games, maybe you just count every little bit of luck, then add em up...lol.