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Well that only took 3 years.....
Well that only took 3 years.....
Well that only took 3 years.....
Thiefmaster Sneaky Fran shows you some interesting tricks... You feel that you've developed your skill! You pay 17,500 silvers for the lessons.

500 not out!

For anyones thats interested, thats 346,250 sucessful robs..or was it 376,250? Oh well its a LOT.


(going home to put his feet up for a while)
Well done Oh Master of the Crowbars  :D

Congrats... matey..   Careful where u put your feet though they dont half stink :p

btw 4-0 4-0 4-0 4-0 :p
So I'm curious.. if you go to the TA casino.. do you teach yourself some interesting tricks? lol

Grats on 500, and thanks for not making my houses a priority...
WTG Cinder! feel free to remove any rocks from my houses
happy i was once part of your robbing gang  :p

wtg Master Robber !!!

your devoted pupil ;)
Congrads C :D

Kittin_103 (your admiring follower)
well done C
hope u have fun with that nice round number:D
wtg :D:D:D

you watch - I'm gonna beat you and get there in 2 years and 364 days... :p

wtg again :D:D:D