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Who will be stealing on TA?
Who will be stealing on TA?
Who will be stealing on TA?
I'm getting mixed up with all the controversy, and I'm wondering if everyone will simply state in this thread whether they will be stealing on TA or not.

I will 
 steal on the front lines. Period. If I get my thief up to 200 ranks, I 
 steal elsewhere on TA, but to be honest I don't think I will be spending any time on it after level 200.

I don't want this to be a continuation of whether this is right or wrong, I'm just wondering how many 
 be stealing, and how many 
will not
Prince K (my only thief) will NOT steal on TA, as I see no purpose whatsoever for it.
Y'all know where I stand.  My thieves:  Little Boo and Tiger Too.

My thieves, Tea leaf & Esme Smith, will 
 be stealing from other players on TA. (for now, that is, assuming we will lift our restrictions eventually.)

Well, since Meph made it to #10 on the Top List, he is going to refocus on clearing a path to the table. No intentions of stealing anywhere in the near future, especially not on TA.


Snatch will show up on TA in 10 - 20 levels.  He will be a fairly advanced thief and also an accomplished fighter.  I don't expect him to be primarily a thief, but he may steal on TA, the front lines or anywhere else that strikes his fancy.  Darn dishonorble larcenous scondrel.
Well... after a long careful thought about this.. 

I have decided that Molekat (my theif) will NOT steal from fighters on TA... 

BUT considering how lucrative the digging is on the newly opened forest square I don't think the diggers will be too upset about a few missing ores to keep them from overloading so often :D

So.. Molekat MAY steal from diggers (and yes i will check to see if you are or not first) but won't steal from fighters because she doesn't want to interupt the clearing of the squares and doesn't want to cause any nub losses.

:) *found a good solution to a complicated problem*

in case anyone couldn't already guess, i will not be stealing from anyone on t.a. for a while.  first of all, i'm not a sub, so i can't.  second of all, i don't want to hinder progress of fighting towards the table.
that being said, if i do have a subbed account after table square is cleared, i'll reconsider, but that's almost 2 months away.
Sunstar is keeping to the streets of Larki until more is cleared on TA. In the meantime Moonliter will be going over to kick patootie and clear squares on TA. No stealing though. He doesn't have the knack for it. Only hack and slash.

I will not be stealing on TA.  My thieves are theothereviltwin (doesn't even have a boat) and Naughty Twin, who you may see innocently picking up stray nails.  

i will be stealing on ta with: halo06,halo9, and halo10:)
 be stealing on TA since she does want the building and fighting to go on fast

For A Robber Near You

So if my fighter/digger was there fighting and not digging and you looked at my stats and saw my high luck, do you still think it would be ok to steal my nubs? ;)

All of my thieves will 
 be stealing on TA,that is until the building and fighting r done or ya steal from me  :)

I only have 4 thieves for now will stat working on the other 4 in a cpl of months:D
My thieves will 
 steal on TA. Gingery doesnt even have a boat. Ruby will not be stealing for a while and Opal is just picking up some nails on TA :)

My Thieves umm every char I own !lol! has thieving will only steal from others who are announced thieves or if they steal from me. I also will be killin everyone who steals on ta that I can if I can resist not stealing everyone can.So you can call me the retaliation thief lol
so Speaks Werepanther for the entire Panther Consortium
I shall not be stealing on TA (bet u couldn't have guessed that :p). Ompa fights and Crisis builds, they would be more than willing to send any thieves I can home on sight ;). 

My digger-thieves pure fluke/dugmygrave may been seen collecting putty or nails but will not touch anyone (except maybe the thieves I can't send home). My thief-robber-mage Legal Eagle rarely goes to TA (probably never again), should he be seen there don't worry your packs are perfectly safe.

KmS :)
Silent Scream
 is a Robber/Thief.  He goes to TA to pick up diamond nails and that's what he will continue to do.  He won't be stealing from people.

Silent Protest
 (Pro) is a Digger/Fighter and builder. She'll keep doing what she can in all three areas as long as the thieves don't make it too difficult to continue.

Smiles, :)  :)
None of my characters will be stealing on TA, except from the drow-down menu.
I will 
 be stealing on T.A.

I'd like to know how you managed to press w instead of p when spelling "drop"
All my characters. Only when I feel like it though.