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causing calamities
causing calamities
causing calamities
what factors dicate whether or not a monster will casue a calamity against your character as ive just realised my digger with high luck will hardly ever get paralysed etc... whereas my gighter and mage pretty much get it every other blow. i know i sem to go on about luck a lot but i just think its a little vague so far lol. any chance of luck affecting this though
1. whether the monster can actually cause the calamity first of all....
2. each monster has a different chance of causing a calamity, it has nothing to do with the set up of your own character
fair enough. just wondered if there was a way to prevent getting them as much. it would appear not :)
Just dont fight the monsters that casue them lol

monsters that cause disease, curse, and poison, i could care less about.  same with those that regenerate.  i'll fight any of these if i have enough hp's for them.  but i know which ones cause paralysis, and will avoid them unless they drop good items.
Luck does reduce the chances of acquiring a calamity.