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new player help
new player help
new player help
Im new to larkinor and i have been playing it a lot recently i think it is a fun game but i have some questions maybe people can answer.  What is the best way to build up money fast?  Other than leveling up and eating imp's mushrooms are there ways to get stat points?  Do you get more money and does the games become easier and less time consuming as you become stronger? Please any advice about the game is welcomed and appreciated
become less time consuming he says.....


oh that was fun
Ok, I will give a shot at answering some of your questions.  

First, there is really no way to build money fast.  Once you have a character that generates large revenues, it is easy to transfer money to other characters.  But, until you have that revenue stream, you just have to suck it up and work at developing a character.  

The character most likely to make money is a digger.  The next most likely character is a robber.  

The question of an easy way to make money begs the question -- is there an easy way to build characters.  No, every character is a compromise.  There is no perfect character; hence the challenge.  

Next, the only way to acquire attribute points of which I am aware is to level and to complete missions.  That said, a well developed character levels faster or makes money faster than a poorly developed character because he or she is better suited for the tasks to which they are put.  

The game does not get easier as you play; if it did, nobody would continue to play.  However, as your character levels, the rewards increase significantly.  Many characters over 30 routinely make hundreds of thousands of silvers in a day's clicks.  Any decent character will have earned in excess of six million silver by their early 30's. 

Third, the game cannot become more time consuming because the characters recieve essentially the same number of clicks per day.  Each character does receive 1 click per day for each level they have completed besides the basic daily clicks, but this does not make the game singnificantly more time consuming.  Players who enjoy the game and play long term find that the strategy of the game is at least as interesting as the clicking and will probably spend at least as much time planning their clicks as making them.  

If you want to enjoy the game, take a day or two study the files available.  A wealth of information is available to anyone willing to accept it.  All of it is free.   Once you master the basics you will probably realize that you made significant mistakes in creating and training your first characters.  Congratulations.  These unsatisfactory characters will have a lot of silver that you can transfer to you second generation of characters.  The second generation will be both better designed and better financed.  Expect to spend about 3 months learning the basics.

I hope this has been helpful.  The charm of this game is the endless variation.  If you take the time to study and understand the game, you will soon find that you are intrigued by one or more of the many strategies available for playing the game and interacting with the other players and their characters.

Well I'll say this for you you didn't ask any of the top 10 noob questions and a couple of them are really good. so you're off to a good so far ;) as for the getting money it depends on what you are. fighters and mages kill things and sell the items they get.  Diggers dig and sell robbers (must be a subscriber) rob and sell etc etc.  Your first few levels it will be kind of hard to get a lot of money because most if not all of the items you'll get are not worth much. No there is no way to get attribute points besides lvling and mushrooms.  After lvl 10ish if you have made a semi decent character you will start dying less and can start making oodles of cash :D The game doesn;t necesserily become easier as you lvl you simply become a smarter player and know what to do.  any questions check help file and go to www.larkinorguide.com for just about anything you'd need. Still can't find it? come into chat and bug people with a star. nicely ;)


strange you leave for 2 seconds to make a reply and come back to two more ;\
yeah id say just stick at it for now. characters who kill and sell the rewards start making money in the near 20's which you should get to with your start clicks if your a sub. after that you start getting magician staffs and a few other weps that sell 3-5k a piece :) then its just down to hard work unfortunately. look around for the transfer guide too, a few lower level characters like diggers or robbers can boost the finances of a higher level fighter considerably