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i dont really care..... wat is it 
FTW Arrow is in group J and F ??

No Minni ?? No Brandon ??

2v2 ??

Copa Tanx = 1v1 not 2v2

question 1: why is Arrow in it 2 times?

question 2: why arent i in it? you said you added me today..
yea, um wat about me as well???? and when is it agen?
You didn't place my name in it..??

Trying to make it easier for you aye?

Don't make me kick your rear, ownage..

Out of the 6 FTW we entered, only arrow is in this?

I had HERO, NBKsf69 removed.

Luzbell, nina, myself, kobe, gq, and murder, added.
You are missing alot of people like me Uag unseen UPR and alot more 

I have a problem, there are 11 Groups, it needs to be 12 so i need 4 PLAYERS in group 12, say your name here and rating
This 2v2 format is absolutly crap.

Minni Kobe and Brock 3 of the best players but they cant all be in round 2 ??

But 2 of these will be in round 2 NBK-STR8 KILLA, FTW EUFHORIA, P.L. GAUCHO, U.A.G_IMPERADOR. Everybody in group L can beat everybody in group B. But only 2 from each will make it to round 2.

Absolutely crap.

Now what are you going to do in round 3 when you only have 11 players??

Whole format is messed up.

Onwage..Can u plz add me too kobe i signed up about a week ago and im not in the list :<..my rating 251-351:Dthx
lol kobe:$ i mean ...***Copa Tanx***:$
Im still on the list right, and scribble's does play on my DNAngel nic but NOT my LIVE STRONG nic so i'll be competeing with this nic.
Theres a lot of talk about his goin around only thing I gotta say is, I dont think its fair the judges are playing. It keeps it unfair and always leaves rooms for questions if its done fair or not. I was played playing 2 generals. I'm not going to back out, I'll fight no matter wut, but its done poorly.
look...Only "REAL" Players here are Minni, Kobe, Brock, Murder, Repoman, UAG Best, Azteca and XTW Ownage...all the rest of the people's mathes are up for grabs...But u guys are having the best players other then XTW and Azteca fight each other so they can eliminate eachother faster...Example=Minni arranged that me and brock fight him and ftw murder in the first round so we would be elimated easy and wouldnt have to fight him in the finals...
 Minni, Kobe, Brock, Murder, Repoman, UAG Best, Azteca, snipe, XTW Ownage are Best players in the tournment i think we should fight average players first...and then in the finals the better. 
ty man im in group I :p

um can u run the rules by me again?
2on2 right then wats that rule about 1x1?

psh.. yeah.. im back. thanks for taking me out.. now i kno im a threat.
or possibly..   the "advanced" players..  get a "bye" in the tourney.. so they dont have to fumble through the noobs..   i mean, sports do that.. and it works.. get together and do something like that..  hey, im a contender.. dont put me with the squares lol. 
I won the last 3 COPA's in Tanx against García, Mircea and Orcle in the finals. :p