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Help Needed
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Help Needed
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Help Needed
Hi, im having a problem with my comp, when i turn it on and it goes to main screen if i dont move the cursor around it will crash, then if im watching something on Media player it will also crash after a few minutes and i dont know whats the problem, wanted to know if any of you have any ideas :| Thx
ummm try a system restore? if you have it enabled that is

or reboot the computer alltogether and start afresh

use another music player such as winamp (not sure what other good ones are someone else might be of better use here)

the cursor problem i have no idea, maybe some virus or spyware?
try running your anti virus (i guess you have one, if not AVG works well)
and also a spyware scanner (i have spybot bazooka and ad-aware as they all work well together)

hope this helps, if you want any of the different virus scanners etc. post back and i'll give you the websites :D

good luck
Thx Chris, im doing system restore now and i have Kapersky anti Virus...if it keeps doin it ill try some sites you said you got :p
Took your advice and now my anti virus wont work, whys that?
says i need to subscribe again, wtf.

go there
download avg free
best virus scanner ive used

not sure if i did the link right

im not good with things like that lol
but is scan the only free part? I have bunches,but they dont delete until ya pay em.
And winfix,OMG, as soon as I used it free,I got a Million Bugs...
Just curious,I seem to be ok,now,but for awhile I was all messed up.
Problem is i had one subscribed, since i did that thing he said now it wont let me open until i sub again...
if you suscribed

is there not a registration key?

normally they give you one when you do things like that
Its askin for key, but i dont know it :|
but isn't the idea that you keep the key

and if you go on it doesn't it say anything like

"already registered before click here"

i've seen that sort of stuff before
when u subscribed to the anti vrius software.. if u used your email account for the valid code to be sent to check your inbox or junk mail.....should be in there if not sry i wasnt any help :)
Ill ignore the last reply as its from a child...

Ty chris i took your advice and now 90% of my programs have uninstalled :) well done ! :|
look i'm sorry if you aren't satisfied with the advice i gave, i only offered a solution that might work

i didn't gurantee it would

just go back to the system restore wizard and undo the last restoration

should take you back to normal

oh and i'm sorry if that messes up your computer more
only trying to help.....

haha ul rodders, rebuld ure pc bro, thats what i did, and also it helps to stop going on this "dodgy" websites :p B-)
jfretty1308, why are u posting pretending to be some one else? We know you are rodney blackmore lol
getting back on topic...

rodney did you undo the last restore?

just run the wizard again and click "i would like to uninstall the last restore i made"

something along those lines :D
when you restore to a previous point (date)  you wipe out all info you loaded that day(theretocally) you would have to re-load the anti-virus program,you loaded the day. snother words..say you loaded the virus on the 5th and you restored to the 2nd...this wipes out the down load.

you should have the "key' to initialize the virus program

Month too late,

but still good advice ;)